Pininfarina’s 1900-hp Battista is now available as a tri-colored $2.8M Anniversario edition

Were you concerned that, since Automobili Pininfarina is producing 150 examples of its Battista hypercar, your 1900-horsepower EV just won’t be exclusive enough? With only five slated for production, Pininfarina’s $2.8M Battista Anniversario should allay your fears.

What can you lord over your standard-Battista-owning friends? (Aside from your commitment to design house Pininfarina’s 90th anniversary celebration, of course.) A gigantic rear wing, complemented by unique “rear aero fins,” and new center-lock wheels made from forged aluminum that shave about 22 pounds of unsprung weight. The 21-inchers on the rear grant you another inch to show off those special wheels and, together with “performance-oriented rubber,” Pininfarina claimed an increased top speed of 217 mph. Official documents don’t indicate the standard Battista’s claimed top speed and, despite this alleged increase, other news outlets have consistently reported the regular Battista’s top speed as… 217 mph. Go figure.

Each of the five special editions will be finished in a livery of grey, white, and blue, plus a two-tone treatment for all the extra aero (clear coat and white-pinstriped blue). That extra aero is now available to order on standard Battistas as the “Furiosa” package. (Standard Battisa production will follow these five special-edition examples.) Spoiler alert: it doesn’t look particularly Mad Max. Not enough rust or sand.

Pininfarina hypercar rear wing

When ensconced in your EV chariot of the hypercar future, you’ll sit on Anniversario-unique leather and Alcantara seats. If not streaking silently down the road, you can gaze at a plethora of scripted plaques and logos and embroidery commemorating your excellent taste in low-volume EVs.

In between hand-painting stripes on Anniversarios, Pininfarina is busy refining its four-motor prototype powertrains, which it says “are already achieving 80 percent of their performance capability.” Yes, Pininfarina announced a special-edition Battista before any the 145 standard Battistas have begun production in Italy. Pininfarina does promise, though, that all 150 of its planned Battista production run, including the five Anniversarios, will be delivered before the end of 2020.

Despite the ridiculous horsepower figure, Pininfarina’s development driver Nick Heidfield says the Battista aims to be a true GT: “Drivability in all situations is its primary focus.”

Would you creep around town in your Anniversario? Be tempted to take any road trips with its 310-plus-mile range? Let us know below.

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