Watch the AWD Corvette E-Ray play in the snow—again


Via the Corvette Nut YouTube fanboy site, it appears that Chevrolet has offered up one of the sanctioned-but-not-sanctioned Corvette E-Ray videos with the new car playing in the snow, using power at all four wheels. The hybrid Vette tears up the snow-capped field (difficult to tell where—definitely been no shortage of snow-capped fields out there) and makes us wish we were in the driver’s seat.

It doesn’t look quite as polished as the official 25-second clip revealed on YouTube before Christmas that pointedly shows all four wheels getting traction in the show, but it appears to be the same place—perhaps Chevrolet just packaged up some outtakes to get us talking about the car. Which we obviously are.

We’re expecting Chevrolet to go formal and introduce the car soon (the Chicago Auto Show in mid-February, perhaps? Should be some snow to play in there), and perhaps give us a price.

The base coupe starts at $65,895, and we’re anxious to see if you’ll have to buy some pricey packages to get the hybrid E-Ray. Another $10,000–$15,000 perhaps? It’ll be way under the $105,300 Z06, but adding batteries and a couple of motors up front isn’t cheap, so we’re wild-guessing $79,900.

We’re especially interested in checking out the packaging since the Corvette doesn’t have a lot of wasted space under the skin to begin with. We’ll be curious about the extra weight as well. All this off-roading makes us wonder if, down the road, Chevrolet plans to raise the ride height and bolt on some all-season rubber to take on the Porsche 911 Dakar and Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato.

While you’re busy goofing off at work—if you’re even there—let us know in the comments if you think an all-wheel-drive, hybrid Corvette is the right next step for America’s sports car.

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    I support AWD snownuts in any vehicle. That was the only real joy of winter driving besides hooning around like a rally car driver.

    Sliding sideways across a snowy, flat open space is easy to do. I did it 60 years ago with my parents 60 Dodge Dart 4 door sedan. So, what’s the point of this video? That you can do something easy, flashy and completely ridiculous with a car built to go very fast, handle very well and impress the neighbors?

    Should GM build it? Why not? You know they’ll sell them, and you know they get lots of free publicity, too. And, in your exercise of one of America’s greatest freedoms, if you don’t like it don’t buy it.

    I have NEVER driven my Corvette in the snow. I have no desire to. I can’t imagine even considering a Corvette that is good in the snow. It’s like keeping a carving knife for when you need to pry open a can of paint. It will do it but why would you?

    i bet thats a frozen lake. looks sooo fun. i hope there is a revolution of Rally Inspired models.
    that new Lambo is super sweet. lets go. I want a Lambo but will most likely be getting a Z06 at least 🙂

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