Corvette E-Ray hybrid caught without camouflage

Glenn Paulina-KGP Photography

The temporary, premature publishing of the C8 E-Ray’s configurator showed us what to expect when Chevy finally decides to unveil its hybrid, all-wheel-drive Corvette. Thanks to some hard-working spy photographers, we can see the real thing and no longer have to wait to confirm some interesting cosmetic details.

Just to refresh your memory, the long-speculated hybrid, all-wheel-drive Corvette is expected to use electric motors up front and place its battery cells within the tall center tunnel that helps keep the Corvette rigid despite not having a fixed top. The added power and grip should elevate the E-Ray to another echelon of performance above the already very impressive Stingray.

Back to the photos, don’t let the Z06 badge fool you, this monochrome gray E-Ray convertible caught while out testing shows that the configurator leak was right on the money. While the E-Ray uses the widebody and side scoop of the Z06, the wide-set exhaust exits are shared with the 6.2-liter V-8-powered Corvette Stingray as opposed to the center-exit exhaust found on the Z06. Photographers also noted that this car was missing the characteristic flat-plane V-8 howl from the 670hp LT6.

To further differentiate itself from the Z06, the E-Ray will wear more body-colored trim including the side intake, engine cover, and rear fascia grilles. This Hypersonic Gray Metallic example shows that the only black trim remains on the roof, the front grille mesh, and the rear bumper’s rear valance and diffuser. Considering Corvette’s high level of customization right from the factory, we would expect plenty of those trim pieces to also be offered in carbon fiber. Of course, Chevrolet is still holding all of the cards regarding the power specs and performance metrics, which is where the E-Ray could make things very interesting.

2024 Corvette hybrid E-Ray front rear
Glenn Paulina-KGP Photography
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    I want to know the weight gain for the E stuff on this car. I assume it will be crazy fast but how heavy will it be.

    What’s stopping the clever C8 configurators from combining the 670-hp LT6 V-8 (versus the lowly 595-hp LT2) with a pair of motors driving the front wheels? In a word, nothing. E-Ray could be two distinct Corvettes.

    I want my ’60 Corvette fuel injection, four speed, Honduras maroon back! It caught fire in ’67 at 80 mph. All I had left was the trunk lid. It had just turned 32,000 miles. I was just back from Vietnam and my dog died the next week! Oh, I can’t afford the price of a ’60 anymore either. I paid $4200 for it brand new in ’60.

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