This Spanish roadster is Hurtan our eyes

Hurtan Automoviles

Well, it’s certainly distinctive. From its flamboyant name to its unnecessarily complex retro styling the Hurtan Grand Albaycín has been created to stand out from the crowd.

Company boss Juan Hurtan seems to have taken his inspiration from the 1930s to produce a something of a Spanish Excalibur or Mitsuoka Himiko. It’s certainly no Bugatti Atlantic.

The similarities with the Mitsuoka extend beyond the styling as both are underpinned by the fourth generation of Mazda MX-5 Miata, as we previously surmised. Hurtan has gone one better than its Japanese competitor by offering a Targa version based on the Miata RF. We can’t help but wonder what Mazda’s award-winning design team thinks.

The Grand Albaycín will be offered with either the revvy 132 hp 1.5-liter engine deprived of U.S. Miata fans or a two-liter 184 hp unit. A notchy six-speed manual transmission is standard, but an auto is also available with the larger motor.

The good news then, is that the Hurtan shouldn’t be a painful driving experience. Paying for one is a different matter, however, with prices starting at $71,500 for the cabriolet and rising to $100,000 for the top-spec Targa. Hurtan says it will only make 30 Grand Albaycíns in 2021 so your chances of actually seeing one for real are (thankfully) very small.

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