Is this the next Hurtan Grand Albaycín, and should you care?

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Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of Hurtan Automóviles, as I had no choice but to give Google a workout after these photos appeared in my inbox. The Spanish coachbuilder’s been creating bespoke neoclassic roadsters since 1992. Think the flavor of a Morgan combined with a ride height that yields a more relaxed touring experience than does the timber-framed Brit.

Hurtan’s current stable skews less roadster and more road car: a PT Cruiser convertible-based Author and the Jeep Wrangler-based Vintage. But there’s something new for those interested in carving corners while doing their best Nick Carraway impersonation: According to the Hurtan website, a redesigned Grand Albaycín ditches the outgoing model’s Renault componentry for something that’ll really spin your crank.

There’s a countdown timer for the official release but, thanks to these spy shots, we’re gonna go ahead and call it now.

Hurtan Concept Sports Car
Hurtan Automóviles

Take a close look at the Gatsby-esque body draped in a black sheet. Now, look below:

Hurtan Concept Sports Car
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The razor-sharp B-pillar, rear-deck CHMSL (center high mount stop light) bump, and the rear’s dovetail spoiler are present in both photos. Since Hurtan likely lacks the capital to punk us with a fake prototype, we’re confident that this test mule is indeed the next Grand Albaycín. The source code for this car is clear, too:

2021 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF

Why are we so sure that the Mazda MX-5 Miata RF is the Grand Albaycín’s donor car? The four-lug wheels are a good “tell,” but the real giveaway is the B-pillar’s cheaty piece of black plastic, allowing each vehicle to appear to have a window there. The lie created is called DLO FAIL (daylight opening failure) because polished plastic can never look as good as a real quarter-window. Ever.

The design cop-out is more shameful in a coachbuilt machine of Spanish origin, as the price must be orders of magnitude greater than that of a Miata. No matter—it’s clear that Hurtan has heavily modified the Mazda’s bones, just as it’s done with the PT Cruiser’s and the Wrangler’s in its other recent creations. Just look at the height and width of the front fenders relative to the hoodline in the photo below. Such audacious curves suggest Cinderella’s pumpkin coach ain’t got nothing on the Grand Albaycín.

Hurtan Concept Sports Car
Car Pix

Speaking of squash-based styling: Does Hurtan’s design DNA look better on the PT Cruiser’s significantly taller cowl, making these particular shoes too big for Cinderella’s feet?

Even with the triangular camo in full effect, the door cutlines reveal the bulk required to make those fenders work. The lower door panel is seriously bloated, but it’s mandatory in order to fit Mazda’s modest blueprint. Admittedly, the rest of the package does showcase the neoclassic style Hurtan is looking to reproduce. The Grand Albaycín definitely has the style to go with the Miata’s baked-in performance goodness.

The Spanish coachbuilder is based in Granada, and a quick peek at Mazda España‘s website suggests that Hurtan will take delivery of Miata donors with a 2.0-liter, 184-hp four-cylinder mated to a six-speed manual. Most likely, Hurtan will require the customer to splash the cash for the donor car, since previous Hurtans suggest all units are made to customer specifications. The high level of customization has gotta be a major perk in Grand Albaycín ownership!

If you’re looking for a Morgan roadster with a boatload of sophistication or a Spec Miata jockey lookin’ to class up the joint, odds are the Grand Albaycín is right up your alley.

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