The moonroof on Cadillac’s Celestiq promises to be very dramatiq

Cadillac is pulling out all the stops for its upcoming flagship model, the Celestiq, short of giving the “ultra-luxury” EV a dignified name. The luxury brand’s recently released teaser video musters an orchestra of synthesizer tones, eerie strings, breathy altos, and echoing bass drums worthy of a Planet Earth soundtrack. The 58-second clip focuses on, among other various dramatiq effects, the dizzying array of screens and glass panels in the vehicle (which, for now, Cadillac refers to as a “show car”).

celestiq screen cadillac

The Celestiq’s dashboard will showcase a digital display stretching from A-pillar to A-pillar. If you’re nervous about the distraction potential of 20+ iPhones-worth of screen real estate spanning your field of vision, know that Cadillac is on the case. The “freeform” screen will have “active privacy” measures in place to minimize the potential for interruption. Rear-seat passengers can stay digitally absorbed to their hearts’ content, of course, with individual screens of their own.

Cadillac is keen to highlight Celestiq’s moonroof, which is divided into four zones—one for each of the occupants—and can adjust its transparency to suit each passenger. It looks pretty swanky, if not celestial. (Forgive us.)

Will the Celestiq be the shape of things to come for Cadillac? The brand’s first Ultium-based vehicle, the Lyriq, debuted in production-ready form this past August, but Cadillac did not provide any projected on-sale date. The Hummer EV, which also rides on GM’s new all-electric architecture, isn’t expected until late ’21. Our money’s on a 2024 or later arrival date for Caddy’s new flagship.

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