2022 Hummer EV Edition 1 reservations filled in 10 minutes

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GMC’s long-awaited reveal of the 2022 Hummer EV was met with a wide range of reactions. Skeptics questioned the need for a 1000-hp “supertruck” and scoffed at its six-digit price. Others seemed surprised to find themselves longing for a new truck from a brand that has been gone for more than a decade. Many were simply impressed by its suite of off-road tools.

After a short presentation video ushering in the Hummer EV, GMC allowed interested potential buyers to put down a $100 deposit to claim their spot in line. The reservations for the $112,595 Edition 1—the first version of the truck, which will go sale in late 2022—filled in just 10 minutes. We’re not sure how many Edition 1 Hummer EVs GMC plans on making, though, and we did ask. GMC says it can’t share reservation/production volumes for the truck, so there could be 1000 reservations or 10,000.

Reservations are still open for the other Hummer EV models and GMC revealed a bit more on their powertrain and range capabilities. The Hummer EV3X, the next model in the pipeline, is scheduled for fall 2022 and packs 800 hp. Range for this $99,995 model is expected to be least 300 miles. Replace the three-motor drive system with two motors, and you’ve got the 625-hp EV2X, which comes in at $89,995 and is due in the spring of 2023. The bottom rung on the Hummer EV ladder is the EV2. This model uses the EV2X’s 625-hp, two-motor drivetrain and brings 250+ miles of range for $79,995, but it loses four-wheel steering, adaptive ride control, and the air suspension system with its extra ground clearance. Even the least expensive Hummer EV still comes with the Infinity Roof’s removable roof panels, is outfitted for 400V DC fast charging, and boasts Super Cruise.

2022 GMC Hummer EV

We’ve since learned that the Hummer EV’s four-wheel steering will allow for a turning radius of 37 feet. That’s better than a Honda Accord. The Edition 1, with its torque vectoring and independently-driven rear wheels, should be capable of an even more impressive figure.

2022 GMC Hummer EV

It looks like GMC was sandbagging a bit when it claimed over two feet of water fording capability; the latest number the company’s touting is 32 inches. With 37-inch tires—which you can mount on your Hummer EV without any modifications—you should be able to add another inch of depth.

Those that have made a deposit and plan on being among the first to own GMC’s off-road bruiser can take some solace in their deposit. Automotive News reports that confirmed Edition 1 preorders will be honored with no-haggle pricing, guaranteeing no dealer markup.

2022 GMC Hummer EV tailgate

With Tesla’s radical Cybertruck also scheduled to enter the market in late 2021 and Rivian’s slightly smaller R1T set for a June 2021 on-sale date, the electric pickup market will soon offer buyers a wide spectrum of styles. Ford will be right behind these trend-setting designs with more traditional-looking electric trucks, as well. We’re excited about the rapid pace of advances and are looking forward to our first time behind the wheel of these powerful pickups. Did any of you claim a spot for a Hummer EV?

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