Buy Rita Hayworth’s ’41 Lincoln, New York taxis listed on Uber, Rennsport returns

Worldwide Auctioneers

Rita Hayworth’s ’41 Lincoln Continental could be yours

Intake: A 1941 Lincoln Continental Coupe that was owned by Hollywood star Rita Hayworth for 30 years is up for auction from Worldwide Auctioneers. The car was presented to Hayworth on her 24th birthday by Orson Welles shortly before they married. No doubt the engagement ring was spectacular, but we like to think the Lincoln also played its part in their romance, as Hayworth would have been won over by its powerful 120-hp 292 cubic-inch V-12 engine. During the war years Hayworth apparently donated the Lincoln’s bumpers to America’s scrap-metal recycling campaign, but as you can see, they’re back in place now, together with the classic covered “Continental” spare wheel and even the original Georgia license plates. The car’s history is well documented, with Hayworth gifting it to her secretary Frita Wolfe, who sold it to Aspen Pittman, who ultimately passed it over to the Art Astor Collection where it was fully restored. The Lincoln is being offered without reserve by Worldwide Auctioneers, and the auction closes on April 23.

Exhaust: This is a rare chance to own a piece of prewar Hollywood history. What’s more the 1940 and 1941 Continentals are CCCA Full Classics and recognized by the The New York Museum of Modern Art as significant modern design achievements. We’ve seen ’41 Continentals priced below $50,000 but the provenance of this car should see its price soar.

Uber agrees to list all New York City taxis on its app

New York City Yellow Taxi cabs
Nick Fewings

Intake: Uber, which became a direct competitor of the taxicab industry at its introduction in 2009, has reached an agreement to list all New York City taxis on its app. According to the Wall Street Journal, the alliance could ease Uber’s driver shortage and temper high fares while directing more business to cab drivers, whose livelihoods were affected by the emergence of car-sharing apps and the pandemic. Uber riders in several other major cities can already use the app to hail a taxi, but this is the company’s first partnership with New York City taxi services.

Exhaust: Well, look who’s playing nice. Although Andrew Macdonald, Uber’s global mobility chief, says the NYC partnership is “bigger and bolder than anything we’ve done,” let’s face it: Uber wouldn’t be doing this unless the arrangement filled a need and was financially beneficial. With that said, the plan helps hardworking Uber drivers and taxi drivers, and most importantly supports anyone in need of a lift at a reasonable cost. And anything that helps the Average Joe is a good thing.

It’s a family affair as dad takes delivery of eight Bugattis

Intake: A Bugatti-loving father has just collected no less than eight brand new cars from the hypercar maker’s Molsheim home—two for himself and six for his kids. Starting at full-size, the buyer, described as “one of the most passionate Bugatti owners,” snagged a Chiron Super Sport 300+ and a Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Edition certified by La Maison Pur Sang (one of just eight in existence). He also ordered six Bugatti Baby IIs so that his offspring wouldn’t feel left out. While his Chiron is capable of reaching over 300 mph, the kids are restricted to 42 mph in their electric Bugs.

Exhaust: We’ll always be supportive of parents who pass on their passion for driving to the next generation, be they Bugatti or Beetle owners. Hats off to this very well-heeled enthusiast for letting the kids on on the action.

Steve McQueen’s sandcast CB750 has potential to set a record

Bring a Trailer

Intake: The Honda CB750 is a perennial favorite of collectors, customizers, and riders alike and the cost to acquire a good one reflects that. At the upper echelon of CB750 desirability is the very early production sandcast models. One such model just popped up for sale on Bring a Trailer, and this example has an extra bit of gravity to it as it was previously owned by Steve McQueen. We suggest keeping eyes on this sale as we think it could break the record price for a production CB750 sale.

Exhaust: Of all the things we thought Steve McQueen might have in common with a vintage Honda motorcycle, relations to sand was tenuous at best, but he received an academy award nomination for his role in The Sand Pebbles three years before the engine for this CB750 engine was literally cast in sand. With a fresh restoration and solid paperwork this is perfect to anchor a nice Honda collection.

Rennsport Reunion returns in 2023

Intake: Porsche’s motorsports pantheon spans 70 years—from on- and off-road rallies to endurance racing and even a brief stint in IndyCar—and it’s rare that we see this diverse set of beasts hit the track in anger. But that’s exactly the purpose behind the Rennsport Reunion, an on-track celebration of Porsche’s racing legacy, the next of which has just been announced for some time in 2023. Conceived by racing legend Brian Redman and Porsche Cars North America’s PR General manager, the late Bob Carlson, the first Rennsport Reunion took place at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut in 2001. Ensuing events have taken place at Daytona (2004 and 2007), as well as at Laguna Seca (2011, 2015, 2018) in the past, but it was thought that 2018 would be the final rendition. Not so! Porsche plans to release details about date specifics and location in the future, but the 2023 event will end the longest Rennsport drought to date—and that’s a worthy cause for celebration.

Exhaust: With Porsche making its return to endurance racing’s top class in 2023, it makes sense that the brand would leverage Rennsport for publicity. Its LMDh car, which recently wrapped its first international track test at Circuit de Catalunya in Spain under the watchful eyes of Porsche Penske Motorsport, has much to prove. Porsche’s 19th and most recent win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2017 only occurred because of a late heartbreak from rival Toyota, and Stuttgart is surely craving a victory that needs no qualification. We’re looking forward to seeing greats like the 917, the 959 Dakar, and the RS Spyder turn laps at the hands of Porsche racing pros next year.

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