Bugatti will build 30 Chiron Super Sport 300+ “long tails” at $3.9M each

Bugatti told the press quite a few things in recent years—that speed records weren’t a priority for them anymore, and that, unlike the Veyron’s run, we wouldn’t see a higher-performance Chiron later into production. Yet the handling-oriented Chiron Sport’s development began as early as former Bugatti President Wolfgang Dürheimer’s tenure, and since Stephan Winkelmann took the helm in 2018, we got three re-bodied Chiron variants, one of which packs a tuned W-16. What’s more, using that exact engine, Bugatti just pushed a modified Chiron derivative beyond the 300 mph barrier.

There was no way Bugatti wouldn’t turn this experiment into some cold, hard cash, and so, for the equivalent of $3.9M, 30 customers can now have a Chiron Super Sport 300+, a car which is rumored to be almost sold out as of this writing.

Unfortunately, despite possessing the modified “long-tail” body, the 1578-horsepower “Thor-spec” W-16, and the longer gearing of the record car, these 30 road-going models will come with the standard ride height, passenger seat, and the nanny software that won’t let you get to 300 miles per hour. Probably for the best, right? Well, there might be a workaround for you Chiron Super Sport 300+ superfans.

Top Gear reports that Bugatti may allow these cars to be ordered with a roll cage, after which the limiter can be removed and the gates of Ehra-Lessien are open. Volkswagen’s test track is the only safe place on the planet for such a top speed run—as long as you only go in one direction. The last group outside of the VW Group allowed to do a record run there was McLaren, with the F1 XP5 in 1998.

As standard (whatever standard means at this stratospheric performance altitude), all Super Sport 300+ Chirons will come with an exposed jet-black carbon body with double jet-orange stripes, just like on the record car. Each Super Sport 300+ also gets carbon-fiber windscreen wipers, a logo cast of silver and black enamel, and ultra-light magnesium wheels finished in “Nocturne,” just like the rest of the trim.

If jet black with orange isn’t your jam, for a little extra over $3.9M, Bugatti is willing to paint yours to whatever shade you desire. No word on the entree fee to Ehra-Lessien though. Let’s just hope it’s a no-cost option if you spec the cage…

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