The Future of AMG: Mythos, Maybachs, and EVs


Mercedes-Benz is culling some of its more affordable offerings in a move further upmarket, while taking its AMG sporting division to a higher plane, too.

In a presentation to shareholders titled “The Economics of Desire” the German brand set out its vision for a future that is electrified, connected, and even more luxurious. Entry-level models are set to be rationalized and have their prices and specifications raised, with Mercedes sacrificing volume for profitability. Instead, it will be the highest echelons of automobiles that see the brand’s biggest push, with AMG playing a major part.

Flying the flag for performance in an era of electrification will be AMG’s job, and offering an example of the shape of things to come is the Vision AMG concept—a Porsche Taycan-rivaling sports sedan that looks very similar to the über-efficient EQXX which drove from Stuttgart in Germany to Nice, France on a single charge–a distance of 626 miles.

“AMG is reinventing itself. As was once the case with our founding fathers, there has been an amazing feeling of new beginnings here in Affalterbach for quite some time now. With this study, we are now offering a first glimpse of how we are transferring the AMG DNA into the all-electric future, starting in 2025,” said Philipp Schiemer, CEO of Mercedes-AMG.

Advanced aerodynamics are key here, with smooth, flowing bodywork and a longtail finish, complete with a ducktail spoiler. Note the long wheelbase and short overhangs, the massive F1-style aero wheels, and an almost liquid profile to help the Vision cut a path of least resistance through the air. It’s smooth but not without character, featuring three-pointed star-shaped headlamps, an illuminated grille and exhaust-like tail lamps at the aggressively kicked-up rear.

“The Vision AMG is an impressive embodiment of the brand’s dual polarity—the interplay of beauty and the extraordinary,“ proclaimed Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener.

The production version of the Vision will sit on a new AMG.EA platform which puts some battery cells beneath the rear seat and allows a lower position for passengers compared to the flat floor of the current Mercedes EVA base. AMG hasn’t spilled on specifications for the car but two recent Mercedes investments are likely to feature. The first is a collaboration with Georgia Tech startup Sila, which will see Mercedes use its silicon anode battery chemistry to almost double battery density and will debut in the electric EQ G. Secondly, having purchased Oxford, U.K.-based e-motor maker YASA, the AMG could benefit from lighter, more powerful and more efficient “axial-flux” motors.

“With higher power density and continuous torque delivery we will redefine the future of driving performance,” added Schiemer.

We won’t see the Vision in showrooms until 2025, but before then AMG will also contribute to two other big Benz brand-building projects, both involving the newly-released SL.

Mercedes-Benz Maybach SL tease

For the first time in history, Mercedes’ flagship convertible is to have a Maybach edition. Cue the fitment of that expansive glittering grille, an even more lavish interior and, perhaps even a V-12. Based on current Maybach pricing you can expect a sticker price up to $100,000 higher than an entry AMG.

Even that won’t be the most exclusive SL, however. The honor will fall to a new Speedster that was teased by design boss Wagener. Under the new Mythos moniker, Mercedes and AMG will create an ultra-limited series of models designed for collectors. “It will be a highly exclusive limited edition and will shape that Mythos of Mercedes that makes us that leading luxury brand we have always been,” said Wagener.

Mercedes may already have claimed the title of the world’s most expensive car, but it clearly isn’t done yet.

Mercedes-Benz Mythos SL tease 1
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