Spy Shots: Take a Look at the 2025 Ford Maverick


On April 15, MotorTrend.com published a story about the 2023 Ford Maverick pickup that the publication bought. “We still love the Maverick,” the story said, but “Ford has sent us a whopping five recall notices since we purchased the truck last year, one safety-related, two regarding emissions, and two for compliance-related problems.” Since that story ran, there have been two more recalls issued for the Maverick, including one for faulty taillights that affects 242,000 of the 2022-24 models.

Still, the very appealing compact trucks are selling well, as they have been since they were introduced as a 2022 model, which mostly went for well over list price. Finally, Ford dealers are seeing the Maverick pipeline filling, and some are offering discounts. According to our local Ford dealer, not much of a discount—$475 on a loaded 2024 Maverick that listed for over $38,000—but a discount nonetheless.

If the accompanying spy shots are any indication, Ford is freshening the truck for 2025, and perhaps offering a sportier version, which may or may not be called the Lobo, Spanish for wolf, of course. Or it might just be called the Maverick ST, although this particular pickup has a Lariat badge on the two front fenders.

Facelifted Ford Maverick Lobo ST spy shot front end close

The truck shown here its revised headlights, a bigger Ford badge, and a new front fascia, fog lights, and grille, definitely has a hunkered-down look. Its new turbo-style wheels really set the pickup off. The 19-inch wheels are sporting some meaty Goodyear radials. Inside, we’re told that there’s a new 13.2-inch infotainment screen.

Like Motor Trend, we love the Maverick, too. Hopefully by this fall, when we expect to see the debut of this updated pickup, Ford and its Hermosillo plant in Mexico will have solved the problems that have caused these excessive recalls.


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    More truckish vs. cute front end, less grey plastic along the bottom and bumper (but that varied with trim levels prior).

    Lots of new models have teething problems. Being a refresh, that should be behind the Maverick.

    Biggest problem where I live is you’d only find the occasional fully loaded one for sale –it felt like they could have sold way more across the range of price brackets if they were just in stock.

    They got rid of the bar across the grille which to me make it look like a Chevy, those wheels are…..not great looking though.

    Looks allright, not a fan of the wheels. Wonder if you will be able to get any of these near MSRP? Price is this things biggest issue due to the dealers near me.

    And of course, it has the television set in the middle. No driver distractions there, eh? How can that not be a distraction to the driver?..but honest officer, I was only trying to find the heater adjustment….. Replacing a screen probably costs more than all the earlier mechanical switches combined, but it’s cheaper to install at the factory and replacement costs are a cash cow. I’m thinking a real pickup truck would sell like hotcakes, IMHO

    We replaced our Jeep and purchase a hybrid Maverick to flat tow behind our Rv and love it. We have drove it 15,000 miles averageing around 39 mpg without any problems. Great small truck with good power.

    I’m glad somebody loves it, I guess. OTOH I’m one who things Ford has kinda gone off the rails lately. I still wish I’d seen ahead and bought one of the last GOOD Rangers (2012). I sure did love my 2008 Ranger.

    Gonna be some real competition for the bare bones market if/when the new $10,000.00 Toyota IMV 0 hits the US in 2025. Think Chevy LUV and Ford Courier.

    Only 40k? For a car with big wheels, a big tv screen, and an open trunk that can’t hold a sheet of plywood? To each his own I guess.

    They market them upscale, but when they came out they lauded the low price. Dealers are part of the blame, they make more money on loaded models, would have to sell more of the base models. I really wish they would put one on the lot that was more of a base model! They might find them easy to sell in a high enough volume to make up the difference in loading one out…

    I’m not all that crazy about the look of these disc rims on a truck. But on the practical side they do look easy to wash. Even though relatively inexpensive and for those who are being more on the frugal side, you know the majority of owners will be swapping them out sooner or later. How often do you see a modern pickup with the original wheels anymore regardless of what they looked like?

    Wheel design reminds me of the 1981 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am wheels… almost an exact replica except for the raised center cap delete.

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