Spy Shots Spot AWD Hybrid Ford Maverick


Spy shots show that Ford is filling an important, potentially lucrative missing piece in the Maverick lineup: A hybrid, AWD variant of the compact truck. Photographers captured a 2025 Maverick Lariat with a new grille treatment and the telltale rear suspension of the AWD model and conspicuous “AWD” and “Hybrid” emblems on the tailgate.

Introduced in 2021 as a 2022 model and based on the same underpinnings as the Bronco Sport and Escape, the Maverick was a sales success out of the gate. Ford moved just over 74,000 units in its first full calendar year and backed it up with 94,000 sales in 2023. Maverick is on pace for its best year yet, with 39,000 sales in the first quarter of 2024, half of which were hybrids.

Ford’s unibody mini pickup has proven to be a winning combination of design and packaging. It gives buyers a lot of utility in a relatively compact footprint, with the choice of a capable AWD model or a fuel-sipping FWD hybrid.

In addition to the new drivetrain news, this is the first look we’ve had at an uncovered Maverick sporting this grille, as previous shots have shown body-color accents and newly available fog lights. This front end is more in line with the rest of the Ford truck family, resembling the current F-150 and Ranger.

Another bit of information we can glean from the photos comes from a peek inside. A larger screen seems to match the 13.2-inch landscape display available on the Escape and the Mustang.

Though the Maverick doesn’t seem to need any help to maintain its continued success, these upgrades look to only sweeten the deal. More tech, a more Ford-family look, and the hybrid/AWD combination are poised to offer another, more capable tier for buyers flocking to the still-evolving small truck segment.


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    I’m not sure the front end styling is an improvement but I’m very happy that they have added AWD to the hybrid version. When introduced they did say that they “protected for that driveshaft, which wasn’t surprising since the Escape offers an AWD hybrid. I do understand why they initially made the Hybrid the base engine so that you were forced to pay extra for the turbo engine to unlock AWD. When they made the turbo a no cost option it no longer made sense to restrict AWD. Once the Hybrid became the extra cost option then it made zero sense no to offer AWD as an option on the hybrid.

    Now they only need to offer a PHEV version to fully flesh out the line up.

    Since I just recently put a new set of tires and battery in my current daily driver and I expect they will be hard to get at first, so I’ll probably be in the market for a 2026.

    A buddy of mine has a hybrid Maverick. He waited over a year for delivery. He LOVES it!

    It seems like Ford’s biggest problem with the Maverick was that they didn’t dedicate enough manufacturing capacity to it, but it is still nice to see an AWD hybrid will be on offer. Just curious which tow rating it’ll get as I thought the only way to get the 4000 lb tow rating on the current models was to option the turbo engine.

    I just wonder what this thing will cost. Then there is the dealer added cost on top of that I suspect at far too many dealers. That has turned me off from Ford the last few years.

    The manufacturer cannot dictate the prices the dealers choose to charge. State franchise laws prevent that. You should direct your gripes about ADM to your state legislature.

    After having Ranchero’s back in the 70’s I would consider a Maverick IF it came in a 2 door with HP and rwd. My last Rachero had a 460, torque from 0 rpm and could pull anything I hooked to it. Got 10mpg no mater what.

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