Spied: Ferrari SUV test mule dons slammed Levante bodywork


No, we haven’t uncovered evidence that a group of camouflage Levante owners are suddenly lowering their Maserati SUVs and forming a difficult-to-photograph track club. The real news is, perhaps, even more unsettling to Italian-car fans: You’re looking at a test mule of Ferrari’s upcoming SUV, the Purosangue.

Excuse us, we meant FUV, as in, Ferrari Utility Vehicle. Upper management may not have contemplated that acronym quite long enough, but we can assure you that the decision to build a sport-utility bearing the Prancing Horse has been intensely debated and deliberated. Back in September of 2020, we reported that the shooting-brake GTC4Lusso, a descendent of the FF, had finished its run and would be replaced by an SUV. Ferrari’s interpretation of the formula, however, promises to be more track-friendly shooting-brake than chunky luxobarge.

We haven’t yet spied the Purosangue wearing its own sheetmetal; all we’ve got are these shots of a low-slung test mule wearing Maserati SUV bodywork. Expect the feather-ruffling model to debut with a V-12 making 800 or more horsepower, followed by a hybrid V-8 model. We expect to see EVs exit the gates of Maranello eventually, but we anticipate Ferrari to introduce such vehicles (the first of which are allegedly code-named F244 and F245, with no relation to certain brick-like Swedes of the ’80s) separately from the Purosangue, which will likely rely on a hybrid powertrain.

Lest you worry that the mere existence of the Purosangue threatens to destroy all that Ferrari represents, allow us to point you to the Jerrari, which could have been much, much worse.

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