Is this Snap-on refrigerator and microwave the ultimate man-cave pair?

In the land of auto mechanics, Snap-on bargain tool jokes are forever entertaining. Some declare that you get what you pay for, others say you’re simply paying for the brand—and paying far too much. Those who make a living with their tools generally have at least one “tool truck” brand rep who makes regular visits in an attempt to garnish the mechanic’s wages for the next few decades (there always seems to be a payment option for those who don’t have $170 for a ⅜-inch rachet.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used tools that run the gamut of brands and price points, and I’d absolutely shell out the bucks to swap a few for their Snap-on counterparts. A mini-fridge and microwave, though? That just seems absurd.

red front tool themed refrigerator microwave
facebook / Travis Gajewski

At least, that was my first reaction to seeing the matched pair (pictured above) on Facebook Marketplace the other day. The asking price was $123,456, a common number for those who want to list an ad but don’t want to put a real price in the ad template. The seller also made the ad private, so I can’t share a link. Most likely, he or she wanted to attract offers and attempt to determine a value for the set. I managed to find an eBay auction for just the microwave, which was almost $500 including shipping.

red tool company microwave doors closed
eBay / gaudette232006
tool company microwave doors open
eBay / gaudette232006

Details are slim regarding the actual appliances within the cases. In fact, almost all the information I can find is scattered among for-sale ads that tout the appliance as “never used.” Based on photos of the microwave, these are most likely fancy cases placed over budget-conscious home appliances.

If you are determined to have your microwave match your toolbox, you either have one of the most awesome kitchens this side of Gordan Ramsay or you need to build an actual kitchen and stop eating Hot Pockets between torque sequences on your engine rebuilds. Or maybe I have it all wrong?

Tell us in the comments below—is this the ultimate man-cave pair or a gimmick at best?

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