Sony made a car to carry all its future tech in style

Sony, the company that once told you anti-skip would work, has a concept car now—no doubt complete with anti-skid. Presented at CES, the Vision-S is actually based on a modular EV platform cooked up by Magna Steyr and Bosch, which is capable of hosting a number of body styles—including SUVs, of course.

The Sony Vision-S sedan’s exterior borrows lines from a number of current and upcoming premium EVs, including the Porsche Taycan and Faraday Future’s FF91 crossover. Overall, the result is quite pleasing, if a touch generic, with four generous seats and a massive glass roof stretching all the way to the integrated rear spoiler. On top of being a tech demonstrator, the Vision-S also shows signs of a production-ready vehicle.

What’s for sure is that inside you’ll find plenty of high-resolution screens for that movie theater experience, along with a sound system labeled as “360 Reality Audio” that includes speakers mounted inside those flashy seats. The car also comes with a total of 33 integrated sensors, including ToF units, which measure range by using time-of-flight imaging, and CMOS image sensors like the ones in your digital camera.

sony ces car spec sheet

For a drivetrain, the Vision-S has a pair of electric motors rated at 268 horsepower each, giving Sony’s concept all-wheel drive and a 0–62 mph run of 4.8 seconds. For now, top speed is limited to 149 mph, but since the Vision-S is based on a modular platform, these specs could easily change if Sony decided to pursue its automotive ambitions beyond making a show car for CES. Remember, fellow tech giant Samsung almost made a supercar once, having been a carmaker since 1994.

Having scrolled through the gallery, how would you feel about a line of fashionable EVs produced by Sony and Magna?

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