All Seventh-Gen Mustangs Get Free Throwback Gauges


The original Ford Mustang is celebrating its 60th birthday this month, but owners of the seventh-generation (2024 model year and newer) pony car are the ones getting the presents. Yesterday Mike Levine, director of Ford’s North American Product Communications team, posted a video of the gift on Instagram. The buildup begins with a glance at a 1967 Mustang’s gauge cluster, and ends with a quick start of the 60th Anniversary Edition to show off the new gauges, gifted to new Mustangs via an over-the-air update.

While OTA updates are nothing new in the industry, this iconic overlay is a delightful throwback design element that loses none of the impressive information presented in the S650 Mustang’s user interface. If anything, the chrome ring renders help to differentiate the cluster’s traditional functions from the modern ones we expect in a new vehicle (tire pressure, fluid temps, cruise-control following distance and speed, song selection, etc.).

It’s wonderful to see an OEM embrace its deep roots, using software updates as a new way to delight the customer of an iconic marque. Who knows, maybe this new overlay makes the next throwback Bullitt Mustang a foregone conclusion? That iconic Highland Green paint job likely cannot wait to meet these gauges.


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    Big and visible easy reads so what’s not to like? I had a Ford accessory Ribbon tach in my 68 Torino. It was cool and a conversation piece but not exactly what you’d want for banging gears.

    It’s neat to look at but I still don’t like the wall partition of screens. I prefer S550’s setup over this.

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