Would You Add a 60th Anniversary Mustang to Your Collection?


Limited editions make total sense for a vehicle as beloved and as plentiful as America’s original pony car, especially when that model is celebrating its 60th birthday. Six decades is a lot to reflect on—keep an eye on our multi-week cascade of Mustang stories by clicking here—and a great reason for Ford to build a limited-run pony to allure collectors.

Ford will only build one thousand, nine hundred and sixty-five examples of the 60th Anniversary Package: Even though the world first met the Mustang on this day in 1964, and production of the car did start in the second half of that year, the Blue Oval rightly asserts 1965 as the first official model year. The round number is a good call: The community may refer to those earliest builds as 1964 1/2 models, but who wants half a Mustang?

2025 Ford Mustang 60th Anniversary Package

While the 60th Anniversary Package doesn’t include any changes to the driveline, the basic recipe is foolproof: The V-8-powered, GT Premium variant, with either a manual or an automatic transmission. Since the Premium trim brings the option of a fastback or a convertible, you can also have your retro-tastic ‘Stang as a droptop.

To underscore the ‘Murica factor, only three paint options are available: Race Red, Wimbledon White, and Vapor Blue. Wimbledon White is probably the one you want: It is the only one of the three colors that isn’t normally available on a 2024 Mustang, and it’s the most nostalgic: Wimbledon White was worn by the earliest Mustangs.

From there, the 60th Anniversary Edition adds a set of unique 20-inch, five-spoke wheels with red center caps bearing the galloping pony. The rocker panels gain a set of stripes and the phrase “60 years”—you can order them either in silver or in red. The grille bears a new texture and integrates two air intakes, or “nostrils,” framed in silver. The housings of the headlights are smoked. Unless you order your car in Wimbledon White, you’ll get mirror caps painted in silver, a callback to old-school chrome mirrors, Ford says. (Wimbledon White cars get matching, painted mirror caps.)

Edition-specific badges on the fenders and trunk lid are designed to recall the cloisonné badges on the ’65 Mustang: Shaped like shields, the ones on the decklid feature a red background with black gradient stripes overlaid with the black letters GT, trimmed in chrome. Below those, in smaller font, is “60 years” in chrome. The badges on the fenders, of course, read 5.0, in the same color scheme.

2025 Ford Mustang 60th Anniversary Package

Inside, you can choose from three colors of leather: gray, red, or black. (Tan or blue leather, typically available on a GT Premium, the latter with the California Special package, are excluded.) You will, of course, get a serialized dash plaque.

“The design was directly inspired by the clean silhouette of the original car,” said Stefan Taylor, senior designer. “During the design process, we looked closely at the finely detailed elements of the 1965 Mustang, like the fender badges and wheel center caps. Our focus was capturing the feel of the ‘65, while also staying true to the Mustang as the modern sports car that it is.”

We love the package how it’s specced in these press photos: A convertible in Wimbledon White over Race Red—with a manual, of course, though the transmission choice isn’t visible from the photo set.

Pricing will be available closer to summer, when orders open. Count on deliveries to dealerships the fourth quarter.

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    If I were to buy I would just get what I want color wise and skip the decal and emblem packages. Few of these packages really hold much special mechanically.

    If I wanted a 65 mustang I would buy an actual 65 mustang. Depending on which model, non Shelby or GT it would probably be less expensive than a new tribute. Additionally most private sellers will negotiate price and maybe spare parts are available. Also for me I understand and enjoy working on old vehicles, I was 12 when the 65s debuted and can relate. New not so much.

    Since the Mustang was introduced at the 64 Worlds Fair, why didn’t they go with that original Poppy Red as shown there instead ? It’s a really good color too.

    I prefer the S550 cars myself over the S650. Don’t care for a sticker/decal package anyway so pass.

    If they would just toss me the keys-and the title. It would look great next to my black 08 S197–with the wheels the new car ones are patterned after.

    I would Love to have a 60th year Mustang. I would park it next my 1967 Shelby GT500-427!
    I bought the Shelby in 1969.

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