Rimac crashed a single C_Two six times

Earlier this year, the Croatian EV tech company Rimac, now partly owned by Porsche and Hyundai, said that in order to speed up global homologation, it will build a total of 30 C_Two prototypes. And with the company’s costs running as high as $1.1 million per prototype, that’s a huge and rather unusual undertaking coming from the small-volume manufacturer. The good news? Pininfarina paid $91 million to secure the C_Two’s technology exclusively for its Battista.

Rimac’s complex carbon-fiber monocoque features 222 milled metal inserts, and now, we also know that a single one can be used for at least six separate crash tests—including the roof collapse test. In terms of toughness, this puts the C_Two/Battista chassis on pair with a Koenigsegg Regera’s, if not higher.

Rimac has been running simulations on a supercomputer for a while, but since no digital modelling can substitute for real physical testing, a C_Two was bound to hit the wall (and the pole) eventually. So once the company completed its crash tests on material, component, and systems levels, the full prototype went to Continental’s torture chambers.

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