Porsche invites other automakers to help spread stay-at-home messaging

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As much of the world presses on with shelter-in-place policies designed to stall the spread of the coronavirus, brands the world over are doing their part to help encourage such practices. Automakers, too, have decided to put down the market-share boxing gloves (at least outwardly) and reach across the aisles to urge their audiences to practice smart social distancing. Porsche has begun a particularly neat campaign to do so.


Using the hashtag #DreamsAreMadeAtHome, Porsche is inviting other automakers to showcase their best photos of their cars parked tucked safely away in garages, which Porsche then re-shares to its 20.6 million followers on its Instagram page. The campaign—which Porsche invites its followers to join, too—is a cool way of extending an olive branch during a particularly trying time. Marques have happily joined in; Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, and even Kia have all jumped in on the fun. And it doesn’t stop with four wheels—Triumph motorcycles even got in on the action.


Rimac even provided a dramatic photograph of its C_Two hypercar. Recall that Porsche and Rimac’s friendship runs deeper than a cute Instagram photo; Porsche owns a sizeable stake in the Croatian company, and some of the C_Two’s crucial tests were performed at a Porsche’s Nardo test facility late last year.


As COVID-19 brings the auto industry and adjacencies like motorsports to its knees, it’s encouraging to watch (from a safe distance) as automakers adapt to the challenge. And while we’re keenly aware that posting other brands on your marque’s Instagram feed pales in comparison to throwing your manufacturing might towards supplying ventilators and face shields to a strained healthcare system, Porsche’s act deserves a tip of the cap. The sooner we all pitch in and do our part to flatten the curve, the sooner we can rejoin the car community in the flesh—and enjoy the people who love them like we do.

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