How Rimac continues to grow under full COVID-19 lockdown

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We’ve already seen Rimac’s 1914-hp C_Two electric hypercar prototypes doing some of their crash testing and dynamic shakedowns, but last month, the company was finally ready to reveal the car’s production version as well, showing off all the changes that accrued during the last fifteen months of development. Then came the pandemic, the cancellation of Europe’s most important car show, and the full lockdown of most car factories as well as borders within Europe. Rimac was among the first companies to send all its employees home, but the story wouldn’t stop there.

As it turns out, throughout these difficult times, Rimac can continue hiring to expand its staff of already over 700-strong, and thanks to Porsche’s and Hyundai’s investment in the company, the Croatian company has a strong business continuity plan even for a very unlikely worst case scenario, with full pay and benefits for those who can’t work from home at the moment due to their family situation. However, on a completely voluntary basis, a few people are back at the factory by now, doing important work as the Rimac C_Two prepares for its full global homologation and its final reveal to the world.

This situation also gives company founder Mate Rimac something he didn’t have since day one: some free time to catch up, read books, or just switch off for an extended moment:

When it comes to the C_Two, the prototypes only represent a snapshot of the development process from over a year ago. Pretty much everything has been tweaked since then for production, including all exterior body surfaces, the aero package, the front and rear bumpers, lights, and of course the entire cabin, which will be full of machined aluminum switches and clever touch screens instead of the current 3D-printed and blank mule situation.

Rimac C_Two Interior Geneva 2018 Show Car

The final version of this extreme performance EV should have sufficient cargo room, a nose kinder to pedestrians, Rimac’s own wheel designs, and of course the custom tire and brakes package from Pirelli and Brembo, all developed at Nardo. Here’s a peek into the details of the C_Two’s state back in February, just before Geneva:

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