Hey car folks, please consider donating unused N95 masks to your local hospital

The medical personal working on the front lines of the COVID-19 health crisis face a shortage of the protective gear that helps them stay safe. Specifically, the so-called N95 masks that cover the nose and mouth are in short supply.

The masks, which are also sometimes called respirators, are also used by automotive do-it-yourselfers, car restorers, contractors, body shops and similar businesses, to filter dust and odors. Perhaps you have some in your shop or business. If so, Hagerty is asking you to consider donating them to a local hospital or health care facility to help protect health care providers as they work to stem the tide of the coronavirus crisis.

According to a CBS News report, with “supplies of both surgical and N95s and ordinary surgical masks now running painfully low,” health care systems and medical professionals are begging the public to help.

“Until mask manufacturers catch up to demand, this is an all-hands-on-deck moment,” said McKeel Hagerty, CEO of Hagerty,  “so, if you work in a business or enjoy a hobby that uses the N95 mask, please consider donating them to a local health care facility.”  The 1200 masks that Hagerty had stocked for the bird flu outbreak several years ago were recently delivered to a local Traverse City, Michigan, hospital.

To donate, contact your local hospital or health care facility. According to CBS, PPE Link, a website set up by scientists, engineers and medical professionals across the U.S., is seeking donations through a form on its website. The site will match donors with sites needed donations.

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