New Maybach is the superlative S-Class

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Chauffeurs of the world, pay attention—the 2021 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class has landed.

Billed as “a new definition of luxury,” the Maybach takes the flagship S-Class and simply adds more. More sumptuous materials, more comforting technology and a more—dare we say it—ostentatious look.

Where the S-Class is a relatively subtle way for diplomats and captains of industry to swish around, the Maybach is a rolling announcement of oligarchy. Its new chrome-heavy, Maybach-embossed grille and redesigned front bumper, the two-tone paintwork, chrome hood strip, and illuminated C-pillar badges announce this land yacht’s arrival as loudly as a blast of a megayacht’s horn. Prospective owners will, no doubt, possess both.

Beneath the bodywork, and within an extended wheelbase extended by seven inches, sits the same running gear as the top-spec S-Class, mating a four-liter twin-turbo V-8 to a 48-volt hybrid system with EQ Boost. Drivers will also appreciate the rear-wheel steering system that makes negotiating narrow city streets or underground lairs easier, while also providing stability at speed. A new Dynamic Select mode will flatter drivers-for-hire by providing enhanced ride comfort and even smoother acceleration. A 3-D driver display and Augmented Heads-Up Display make any navigational or maneuvering error inexcusable. Collect your things, James—you’re fired.

The rear cabin is, of course, where the most attention has been taken. The leather upholstery is exclusive to the Maybach. There is a unique leather headliner, wooden backrest trim, embossed Maybach emblems, and a special Maybach scent that can be delivered through the next-level HVAC system. The rear seats offer calf rests with a massage function, while the heating feature is extended to the neck and shoulders. The lighting system is adaptive and there’s even a return of the “seatbelt butler,” a system which extends the belts to passengers so they need not expend unnecessary energy by reaching for them. As in the S-Class the 4-D surround-sound audio features noise-cancellation. Three screens in the rear keep billionaires busy and connected on the move.

Mercedes says the Maybach “represents the manifestation of sophisticated luxury in its most advanced form.” Find out for yourself by getting your people to call Mercedes’ people in the middle of 2021 when the car goes on sale.

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