Koenigsegg is already sold out of the Jesko

Koenigsegg says the stunning Jesko it unveiled at the Geneva auto show will be its highest production car yet. Of course, “high production” is relative when you’re a boutique outfit like Koenigsegg. The Swedish supercar constructor plans to build just 125 Jeskos–roughly the number of F-150 pickups that Ford sells every two hours.

If you had your heart and about $3 million set on owning one but haven’t already placed a deposit, too bad. Christian Koenigsegg just announced that every car has been spoken for.

Supercar manufacturers typically have a good idea who their customers are, and many of them have long-standing relationships with loyal buyers. That could explain why two-thirds of the 125 cars slated for production had a buyer lined up before Koenigsegg introduced the Jesko in Geneva. Buyers snapped up the remaining 42 cars before the show ended five days later.

Koenigsegg’s latest flagship puts 1,280 horsepower (1,600 hp when burning E85) through a new nine-speed, seven-clutch, paddle-shifted transmission with an integrated differential. The company calls the system Light Speed and designed it in-house because it realized conventional dual-clutch setups couldn’t handle the Jesko’s 1,100 lb-ft of torque. Koenigsegg claims the multiplicity of clutches provides almost instantaneous shifting, hence the Light Speed branding. The company plans to offer customers their choice of “track” or “top speed” versions of the car, with presumable changes being more aggressive alterations to the aero and a more heavy-duty seat.

The Jesko, named after company founder Christian Koenigsegg’s father, starts production at the end of next year. The company plans to build one per week at its factory in Angelhom. If you missed out on a deposit, you’ve gone one last shot–start calling dealers, because not every dealer-ordered car has a buyer. Yet. Better hurry.

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