Morgan’s new CX platform may spawn an EV

At the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, promising 120 miles of range and fast charging, Morgan proudly presented its first electric concept, the 3 Wheeler-based EV3. Unfortunately, it soon turned out that the Malvern-based manufacturer wouldn’t be continuing development with its original technology partner Frazer-Nash, a break which led to the EV3 project getting shelved by 2018. However, since Morgan’s brand-new aluminum platform opens more options than ever, Head of Design Jonathan Wells says Morgan’s done its homework on how to make an electric model.

morgan roadster front close at geneva show
Máté Petrány

Talking to Autocar, Wells revealed that with the new Plus Six and Plus Four now out on the market, the company remains committed to its now in-house electric technology, with two dedicated mechanics working on their ideas.

knobs and gauges detail close
Máté Petrány
headlight detail close
Máté Petrány

mirror cabin and wheel detail close
Máté Petrány

The encouraging development since the EV3 is that, while Morgan’s previous aluminum platform wasn’t really suitable for safely housing a battery pack, the new CX architecture was designed with all future products in mind. With over five years of work invested into electrification already, it’s highly likely that we’ll get a CX-based electric Morgan the moment there’s enough demand.

hatch lid detail
Máté Petrány
grille detail close
Máté Petrány

dash speedometer gauges and knobs
Máté Petrány

For now, the Morgan factory remains closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but before switching off the lights for the first time since the second World War, the dedicated team of Pickersleigh Road managed to complete the first Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition models, which are the last Morgans built on the steel frame originating from 1936.

These 20 special cars will be completed alongside the new Morgan Plus Four, featuring individually numbered plaques, as well as specially embroidered headrests. Once all anniversary Plus 4s are out of the gates, all Morgans will be based on the aluminum architecture and powered by BMW engines. This ensures Morgans can keep up not just with other sports cars but also with ever-tightening global regulations on safety and emissions for many years to come.

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