Mopar teases a Hellcat-beating crate engine ahead of SEMA

Mopar released a short video hinting something big will be unveiled at the 2018 SEMA show. Smoldering tracks on the asphalt, obviously feline and representing the potent Hellcat, are stomped out by a massive creature. It’s clearly the work of an elephant.

It doesn’t take much sleuthing to conclude Mopar will be unveiling a big-block-based Hemi, as the Gen II Hemi earned the nickname “Elephant” because of its size and power. The only questions are: “How big?” and “How much power?”

The final frames of the video show, which links to the Mopar site with several available Gen III Hemi crate engines, but Mopar hasn’t offered a Gen II crate engine for several years. The current Gen III Hemi can be built to a big-block-like displacement with aftermarket stroker cranks, but thanks to its fantastic cylinder heads even the crate 392 Hemi produces more power in naturally aspirated form than the legendary 426 Hemi did when it was available new in street cars, not to mention the Hellcat. But Mopar muscle car fans know that there’s no replacement for the power of a big-inch Hemi, and nothing looks quite as good or fills the engine bay quite as nicely as an honest-to-goodness 426 Hemi. Except maybe a 528- or 572-cu-in Hemi.

Based on the video, we don’t think that Mopar is going to deliver a ho-hum street 426 Hemi. Not when the Hellcat makes 707 horsepower. Our money is on more displacement, and if the video teaser uses real audio from the forthcoming engine, as good as it sounded we didn’t hear any blower whine.

Mopar holds their SEMA press conference and unveils their new builds and products at 4:26 on the opening day of the SEMA show, and this year the timing will be perfectly appropriate. Check back on the evening of October 30 as we bring the full details.

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