Report: Ford Mustang “GTD” leaked ahead of Monterey debut

ford mustang gtd midengine supercar
Facebook | Apex Automotive

Later today, according to a report from the Ford Authority website, Ford will unveil a new Mustang called the GTD and built by Multimatic, the Canadian company that built the most recent Ford GT. 

The GTD will be a step up from the 2024 Dark Horse Mustang, upping the ante to become a full-fledged “supercar.”

According to “sources familiar with the matter,” Ford Authority says the Mustang has already been shown to one small group in Las Vegas and will be formally unveiled today, between 5 and 7 p.m., to another group at the Pebble Beach Concours.

ford mustang gtd midengine supercar
Facebook | Apex Automotive

It’s unclear what sort of racing future this Mustang would have. More information to come as it becomes available.




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    Oh boy! Is there a single panel without a useless doodad attached to it? Immediate reaction is “What the hell is that?

    Yeah, Buddy!!!! I do like it….. but it does remind me just a tad of “Ridemakerz” with all the little “gizmos” and “doodads” that you can tack on for personalization. Just a little less “clean” than my taste. Just sayin”’

    I love it. Nice shift from the ever-growing crop of look-alike wedges. And who says the motor has to be in the front.

    I’m going to withhold my opium until I see more than two pictures that really don’t show very much. As for the wheels I always thought the Firebird wheels looked like round egg creates.

    Not sure why it would be a “Mustang”. Don’t they have a mid-engined car called the GT which they have a race car version of?

    I agree, it’s not a mid-engine, the proportions are all wrong, the base of the windshield is too far back, where’s the engine, where does the driver sit?

    I actually like the overall look of it way better than the GT or DH. I mean, its a little busy in the detail, but the nose, width, and side scoops definitely give it a muscular look that’s currently missing. Plus the wheels look awesome.

    Must be a transverse mounted engine ,maybe using frt. drive Lincoln components ,much like Fiero ? May have issues trying to get the desirable 50-50 balance?

    On my mid-engine MR2, the radiator and A/C condenser are both in the front behind the front grille.

    Are we sure it’s mid-engine? The platform doesn’t seem to be designed for that. I’ll be impressed if that’s true.

    Exactly. It’s a front mid engine car. But all the internet super heros who know nothing have to make idiotic comments

    That is such a misleading thing. Mid engine cars are engines behind the driver, but in front of the rear axle. But “Mid engine cars” are also those with the engine completely behind the front axle. Does that makes my 1929 Model A a “Mid engine” car? The engine is completely between the front and rear axles.

    Excellent execution relating to the surprise introduction! My 1st new car was a ’69 Mustang. I created, wrote and produced the Owners Manual and a third of the Service Manual for the Series One for Carroll and the Foose supplement for the Foose Mustang. This new generation Mustang brings the type of excitement I felt when I bought my first new Mustang. Well done! Tom Jarabek, Birmingham, MI

    I’m not too enthused about the design. However, it looks more like a “Mustang” than Ford’s current 4 door SUV looking wannabe with the horse emblems on it.

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