Report: Ford Mustang “GTD” leaked ahead of Monterey debut

ford mustang gtd midengine supercar
Facebook | Apex Automotive

Later today, according to a report from the Ford Authority website, Ford will unveil a new Mustang called the GTD and built by Multimatic, the Canadian company that built the most recent Ford GT. 

The GTD will be a step up from the 2024 Dark Horse Mustang, upping the ante to become a full-fledged “supercar.”

According to “sources familiar with the matter,” Ford Authority says the Mustang has already been shown to one small group in Las Vegas and will be formally unveiled today, between 5 and 7 p.m., to another group at the Pebble Beach Concours.

ford mustang gtd midengine supercar
Facebook | Apex Automotive

It’s unclear what sort of racing future this Mustang would have. More information to come as it becomes available.




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    It’s just a mid engine FORD that won’t attract customers because it’s going to have a large sticker price and no room for a small family.

    I don’t know why they keep calling different cars “Mustangs”, the the electric and now this, which could have been called the GT or something else. As far as looks, I agree with the too busy opinions, much like the newer corvettes. I prefer a nice shape with fewer trinkets and tattoos.

    The majority of super cars built, or super car in body design only, are just copies of cars built years/ decades ago. The mid engine corvette, just a copy with a GM logo. The mid engine mustang … I dunno 🤔 If you can’t afford a real super car, and want one real bad, you’ll have to design and build one yourself, and put your name on it.

    The front end does look a bit less like a Camaro and a bit more like a Kia, which may be a good thing.

    Straight from a video game. Looks like the stylings intended buyer would be a teenager, and they won’t be able to afford one!

    That is not the mustang, it looks like a space ship ,take the 1966 fast back body but upgrade the drive train and interior and you have a stang worth bying lol 😉

    It must be an Eco Boost in-line four to fit in the Mustang profile. If they really want to turn the Mustang into a full-fledged supercar they need to lose the jelly bean look. Ford must have re-hired the Taurus designers but they did retain the VW bug windshield and roofline. The humpy hood still looks dorky. Think ’69 fastback…….

    The original ’64/65 Fastback took it’s design cue from the old GT40, and dealers were selling out at about $3500.
    The new Ford GT is also an amazing design, and a few years ago you could buy a new Ford GT for about $300,000.00., which is what they’re going to be asking for this new super “Mustang”? It’s still the same 1% that can buy both cars, so why bother with a new “Mustang”, when the GT was an instant classic?

    Looks like one of those friday night mustangs with the 6 ft high spoilers and bondo holding on the fender flares essentially a GTR

    From the front-quarter view, it looks like everyone on the design committee had an idea, so they agreed to compromise and use all of them?
    The rear airfoil I’m sure is functional; but to me, it kinda’ looks like a GenX designer that fell in love with his WRX aero kit, and couldn’t let the idea go?

    I don’t care what anyone else says, it’s not a cookie cutter SUV that everyone else produces!!! You know the Chevy that looks like a GMC that looks like a Ford that looks like a Toyota that looks like a Mazda that looks like every other model. Ar on the road.
    This car like the Camero, Challenger and Ford GT has its own unique design!! Keep it up FOMOC! We need a breath of fresh air inthe auto industry!

    This thing is lame!!!! I think they are trying to take advantage of the camaro demise and bring the mustang into a realm it’s not supposed to be in.

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