Maserati MC20 leaked just hours before unveil

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Photographs of the Maserati MC20 supercar have surfaced online on the day the car is set to be officially revealed.

Maserati has been teasing the new mid-engined machine for a while now, parading camouflaged cars around Italy, and even wrapping one as a tribute to the late, great Sir Stirling Moss.

However, this is the first time that we have seen the car undisguised. It looks compact, squat and, for the most part, pretty clean. The exit vent behind the front wheel is maybe a little ungainly, and, despite being made of carbon fiber, the lower air channel is stands out against the softer lines. When coupled with the front and rear diffusers, the whole package reflects a lot of clever aero work. Also, who doesn’t love a louvered rear window that gives a peek at the new Nettuno 621-hp V-6 engine?

The cabin is like no other Maserati before, and refreshingly simple at that. Going against the grain, there’s no massive central touchscreen to distract the driver from the main job of going very fast. (In this respect it’s a bit like the Audi R8.) Look in the passenger footwell and you’ll see an aluminum footplate for the co-pilot to brace against when the driver is fully committed.

To find out more tune in to the MC20 launch at 2:35 pm EST.

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