Lucid loosens up on a handful of SUV details

Lucid Gravity SUV

Lucid, the California-based, luxury electric-vehicle manufacturer, is building the inevitable SUV. Today, the company has released the first batch of sanctioned images and a few details about the vehicle, which it is calling “Gravity.”

Based on the same platform as the Lucid Air sedan, the Gravity builds upon everything we have achieved thus far, driving further advancements of our inhouse technology to create a luxury performance SUV like none other,” says Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO of the Lucid Group. “Just as Lucid Air redefined the sedan category, so too will Gravity impact the world of luxury SUVs, setting new benchmarks across the board.”

Lucid claims it will have more range “than any other EV” except those vehicles made by Lucid (for comparison, the Lucid Air Grand Touring features an official, EPAestimated 516 miles of range, along with 1050 horsepower), while delivering “supercar performance” with seating for up to seven. After our recent experience of Rivian’s electric SUV, we have no doubt the Lucid’s speed will be remarkable for its heft. 

With the “Lucid Space Concept employed with maximum effect, Gravity can serve nearly any lifestyle or need, offering flexible seating configurations for five, six, or seven adults, in twoand threerow seating configurations.” It will also feature the nextgeneration “Glass Cockpit” highresolution displays, powered by the next generation of theintuitive and elegant Lucid UX software interface.”

I’m so thrilled with the results we are seeing with Lucid Gravity, sparing no opportunity to build on everything we learned with Lucid Air to create something that warps the vehicleclass continuum,” said Derek Jenkins, senior vice-president of design at Lucid. “It is both a supercar in disguise and an SUV with flexible passenger and cargo space that seems impossibly big relative to the exterior size of the vehicle. And it does this all with Lucid’s distinctive post-luxury design, inspired by California.” 

But the Gravity will be built in Arizona, alongside the Air sedan. Orders will be taken in early 2023 for delivery in 2024. More about price and power when the order books open.

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