Listen to the “last great V-12” lap Le Mans

Credit: Gordon Murray Automotive/Richard Pardon

Gordon Murray isn’t shy when it comes describing the Cosworth engine in the T.50 hypercar. “For me this is the greatest V-12 ever made,” he says. “And it’s likely to be the last great V-12.”

While that’s something that you can debate in the comments, there’s no denying the naturally-aspirated, 3.9-liter engine is pure engineering art. It will rev to a 12,100 rpm redline, producing 653 hp along the way. With no turbos to add lag or hybrid system to add weight Murray says the throttle response is unprecedented.

Then there’s the noise. Murray has designed the ram air induction system to resonate sound through the roof that to give “a gorgeous growl on throttle opening.”

The T.50 is still undergoing testing and has yet to be run to its 230 mph top speed out in the real world, however the engine has just been put through one of its toughest trials on a simulated lap of the Le Mans 24-hour circuit, including revving out on the infamous Mulsanne Straight.

Pop some headphones on, sit back, and bask in the glorious wail of this V-12 on full song. It could well be the last of its kind.

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