Lincoln will build as many Continental Coach Door Editions as you can buy

Lincoln is celebrating the 80th anniversary of its luxurious Continental, and what better way to enjoy some of that celebratory champagne than in the back of a Continental Coach Door Edition? The rear-hinged door executive sedan will be available for 2020 without a volume cap on production.

In December 2018, Lincoln wowed the world by launching a coachbuilt Continental: the extravagant Coach Door Edition. Limited to 80 units in 2019, the cars sold out within 48 hours, but Ford’s luxury brand was quick to assure everybody that the 2020 model year will have no such volume limitations. These Coach Door editions are built in Flat Rock just like all other Continentals, but then get shipped to Cabot Coach Builders in Boston, which cuts them in half and installs Lincoln-designed extensions, along with the new doors. Unlike Continentals of the past, the modern nod to this old-school style has retained its B-pillar for safety—but Rolls-Royce is in the same boat on that front with the Wraith.

80th Anniversary Lincoln Continental Coach Doors

Heavier by around 150 pounds than a commoner’s Continental, the Coach Doors are only available with the range-topping 400-horsepower twin-turbo V-6 and all-wheel drive. The proportions improved by the longer wheelbase suggest luxury from a distance, and sure enough, the rear passengers can hardly complain.

The leather-heavy cabin now features a low-through rear console, which includes a hard-trim cushion table, dual tablet holders, a wireless charging pad, two USB outlets along with 110V, a deployable handbook hook, and a 4-inch touchscreen for the audio and climate controls. And for your cool $115,470 plus fees, Lincoln even throws in two branded umbrellas hidden in the doors.

Did I mention those open from the center?

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