Rimac’s blistering 1914-hp C_Two prototype hits the test track

Rimac recently made headlines by having completed six individual crash tests using a single C_Two prototype. That move was all in the name of rapid global homologation, but with each prototype costing about $1.1 million, the program requires a huge investment from the Croatian tech company, even with Pininfarina paying part of that bill.

Rimac C_Two Prototype Crash Testing

A Rimac representative sent us these photos from dynamic tests completed this week, adding that there will be thousands of other tests going on simultaneously, with the company building “more than 15” prototypes, most of which will be destroyed in multiple crash tests.

C_Two Prototype Track Testing
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Considering that Rimac is only planning to produce around 150 C_Twos, let’s put that figure into perspective by looking at two other high-performance cars that were built from scratch instead of being an evolution of a previous model:

Creating the Bugatti EB110 required 16 prototypes, although 5 of those wore the Gandini-designed bodies that didn’t make it into production. Romano Artioli’s Bugatti Automobili also refurbished quite a few of these early chassis, which then got sold to the public.

Gordon Murray’s team at McLaren used two Ultimas and five XP F1s to end up with the production road car, three of which (XP3, XP4 and XP5) survive to this day. Only XP2 was used for crash tests, but of course the McLaren F1 never got federalized, being legal in the U.S. only thanks to 1999’s Show or Display law.

The Rimac C_Two won’t rely on such a loophole.

C_Two Prototype Track Testing
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