Leno back behind the wheel, and the mic, after hospital stay

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After nine days in the hospital for burns sustained to his face, hand, and chest, comedian and car collector Jay Leno is back at work. For Leno, that means driving cars and doing comedy, which he’ll perform Sunday night in a Los Angeles club.

The Daily Mail showed Leno driving his 2002 Mercedes, a C3 Chevrolet Corvette, and a vintage Maserati since he was released from the hospital. He got out Monday, and Tuesday, he was behind the wheel.

Leno was hospitalized at the Grossman Burn Center after he was working on a White steam car’s gasoline line that had become clogged. Gas, which is used to heat the White’s burner, splashed on him and ignited, producing third-degree burns. One of the photos clearly shows a burn to the left of his face, but he already looks far better than he did when released from Grossman.

Leno joked with photographers outside the Burbank airport hangars that house his car collection that, since the incident, he has been craving barbeque.

Leno, who writes a column for Hagerty, should return to these pages soon. Happy Thanksgiving, Jay.


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    Great to see you out and about Mr. Leno. Your spirit, enthusiasm, knowledge and humor have been missed. All the best for the road ahead. Thank you for all you do to encourage so many within our hobby.

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