It takes 8000 hours to hand build this Aston-inspired David Brown Speedback GT

David Brown Automotive

Yorkshireman David Brown not only shares his name with the founder of Aston Martin, he has a passion for the storied British brand. Having once resto-modded his own DB5, Brown decided to build a modern incarnation of the 1960s icon and the David Brown Speedback GT was born in 2013.

Alongside its $100,000 Mini Remastered models the company has been steadily turning out the Speedback GT based on the Jaguar XKR ever since, at around $700,000 apiece.

Every one of them has been unique, and the latest Blue Moon-finished car is a prime example of the company’s craftsmanship. The car was built to a very particular specification for its German owner, which includes special Tabak leather trim with Elm Burr satin lacquered wood veneer, and nickel chrome-plated milled aluminum brightware.

This Speedback GT is built for entertaining. That’s not just down to the supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 engine, but thanks to the built-in picnic bench and drinks cabinet. Two crystal highball glasses, a bottle of Tanqueray, a couple of bottles of tonic and a woolen blanket sit beneath the trunk floor in a special case.

The car is certainly distinctive, with styling that reminds us of classic Astons of course, but we also can’t help thinking of the 2000’s Ford Thunderbird remake when we look at it head-on. In warmer months the car will wear stainless steel wire wheels, while when the weather turns, the car has a set of Union Flag-themed alloy wheels and winter tires. A final flourish includes a black mesh satin grille with inset LED lights.

It took 8000 hours to complete this remarkable machine at David Brown’s Silverstone base. Time well spent wouldn’t you say?

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