Here’s how you slam a 1968 Dodge D200 pickup

Mopar is sending a total of 14 customized vehicles to SEMA, one of which is this fantastic Dodge pickup slammed to the ground. And while its factory versatility may be slightly compromised at this point, this truck will still return great fuel economy, thanks to its six-cylinder diesel engine.

The conversion began with a rusty old 1968 D200-series heavy-duty pickup, which had its frame cut so that the front axle could be moved three inches forward. Now with better proportions, the truck’s bed has also been raised six inches by welding in a replacement floor from a current Ram 1500 pickup. This way, the relocated fuel cell and air suspension hardware could fit behind the cabin.

The wheel wells also got widened five inches per side to allow for beefier tires, which measure 22 inches by 9.5 inches on 285/35-22 rubber at the front, and 22 inches by 11 inches with 325/35-22s at the rear. Last but not least, to show off its 5.9-liter Cummins diesel, Mopar fitted a custom power-tilt front end clamshell, with the six-cylinder sending all its torque through a six-on-the-floor manual shifter.

1968 Dodge D200 pickup SEMA custom

Mopar’s designers have shaved off the door handles, badges, fuel cap, and antenna, and the body got further upgraded with seven-inch LED headlamps and unique taillights. Having sprayed the truck Candied Delmonico Red and Dairy Cream, the team has also ghosted the Mopar Omega M logo onto the fenders and a vintage Dodge graphic onto the tailgate. Subtle, yet unmistakable.

Inside the cabin, the original 1968 steering wheel has been retained, complete with the original Dodge fratzog emblem on the horn ring cap. The instrumentation has been modernized with seven custom gauges mounted to an aluminum panel, while the shifter knob is a translucent metal-flake ball with the Cummins logo.

And in case you’re wondering about the power output under that fancy hood, in stock form, the 5.9-liter B Series Cummins diesel is good for up to 325 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque.

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