Here’s how Hagerty celebrates National Doughnut Day

Today, like every June 7th since 1938, is National Doughnut Day. We could celebrate doughnuts every day of the year, but it would take a serious toll on our waistlines. Instead, we Americans single out one day to highlight the service of Salvation Army and Red Cross volunteers helping the military, who traditionally served doughnuts to troops beginning more than 100 years ago during WWI.

There’s also the other kind of doughnut, the vehicular kind that’s smoky even without a generous sprinkling of bacon bits. To get in on the action, the Hagerty Driving Academy teamed up with Skip Barber Racing to bring you some tire-shredding pirouettes by way of an SN197 Mustang. On a closed course, naturally.  

Some might say that it’s an irresponsible, gratuitous display of rubber destruction, and they would be right. It’s also a whole lot of fun. You paid for that rubber, even the tread way up near the sidewall, and you might as well put it to good use.

So whether it’s a cruller or a Cooper, a maple bar or a Michelin, we hope you can—safely—celebrate National Doughnut Day one way or another. Watch, enjoy, and turn up that volume!

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