GM closes 2020 Corvette order books

Eagerly awaiting the arrival of your confirmed-order 2020 C8 Corvette? It might take longer than you expect: A company spokesperson confirmed that General Motors is no longer accepting sold orders for the 2020 Corvette.

Citing “high demand and reduced availability due to the work stoppage” resulting from last fall’s UAW strike, GM is advising customers who have a sold order to reach out to their dealer for more clarity on delivery details. GM will begin accepting 2021 Corvette orders in late May of this year.

While some early orders may be in the clear, other customers who had confirmed sold orders for the debut year of the mid-engine machine will have to settle for a 2021 model placed on a new order. That’s according to an email allegedly sent from GM to all Corvette dealers, and posted to, which indicates that March 18 was the final day of sold orders for the 2020 model year Corvette. The email also states that GM will begin accepting 2021 Corvette sold orders on May 21, 2020—thirty days earlier than initially planned, and intended to allow those customers who got bumped to create a 2021 model-year order.

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We spoke to a salesperson at Suburban Chevrolet of Ann Arbor in Michigan who confirmed these details. Another salesperson at Mike Savoie Chevrolet in Troy, Michigan said he had one customer who has a sold order for a white Corvette that is “right on the cusp” but which may ultimately arrive as a 2021 model.

If a 2021 just won’t do, and you’d rather enjoy the last, best remnants of the front-engine ‘Vette, now’s the perfect time to snag a C7 Grand Sport at a screaming deal.

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