Georgia Lottery winner is now months closer to his C8 Stingray dream


Last week we reported about a Georgia Lottery scratch-off winner that was having some difficulty claiming his prize: a 2021 Corvette Stingray. The winner, Dennis Kahler, had his dream Stingray configured just how he wanted it, but the in-demand sports car was proving to be hard to come by. Lots of buyers are already waiting in line, and the dealership that the Georgia Lottery had planned to use was adding $10,000 in markup. Kahler wasn’t having any of that, so it looked like he’d have to wait several months, until at least the third quarter of 2021, before his lucky Corvette arrived in his driveway.

Kahler’s story went viral last week, and plenty of Chevrolet dealerships came forward to offer similar Stingrays that would be arriving in short order. Fox Wilmington has reported that Jim Ellis Chevrolet in Atlanta offered the best deal, a Stingray at MSRP with a March delivery date.

2021 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe and Convertible (far righ

It’s no surprise that Stingray orders are keeping Chevrolet busy. The highly anticipated C8-generation Corvette and its move to a mid-engine layout led Chevrolet to add a second shift to the Bowling Green, Kentucky, plant that builds every Corvette. However, a United Auto Workers strike and then weeks of COVID-related plant closures and subsequent parts shortages held production back and delayed the launch of the Corvette hardtop convertible.

We’re sure Kalher’s excited about getting his Stingray several months sooner, as his Rapid Blue 2LT Z51 will be even more enjoyable this spring and summer when he can enjoy it with the roof off.

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