Even lottery winners are stuck waiting for the C8 Corvette


A scratch-off ticket from the Georgia Lottery promised the grand-prize winner $250,000 plus a new C8 Corvette valued up to $107,000. When Dennis Kahler discovered his ticket held the winning number, he began brainstorming his perfect mid-engine Stingray and checking the option boxes. Unfortunately, it seems that the Georgia Lottery failed to anticipate the tremendous demand for the C8, and Kahler is having trouble claiming his prize.

Corvette Forum spoke to Kahler, who said his dream C8 is a 2LT Stingray in Rapid Blue with the Z51 package. His preferred add-ons include black mirrors, a black spoiler, and black rocker extension to go with the transparent roof panel and Carbon Flash wheels. Some other options—which may include Magnetic Ride Control and some interior upgrades—brought the total to $80,485 (destination included). That means that, in addition to his cash prize and new Vette, Kahler should get the remainder of his $107,000 car “allowance” back.

That’s where Kahler hit a snag. Customers are still lining up for a chance to buy a 2021 Stingray more than a year after the eighth-generation Corvette debuted, so most orders are spoken for. Georgia Lottery had intended to work with Five Star Chevrolet for the prize car, but the dealership planned on adding $10,000 in markup, something that Kahler, a former car dealership sales manager himself, isn’t willing to accept.

It appears that Kahler was able to find a dealership, Master Chevrolet, that would sell him a 2021 Stingray at MSRP, but its allocation has been filled through the first half of the year. Kahler, nearly like every other C8 buyer, is now waiting for his chance to buy his Stingray. As it stands, Kahler will be Corvetteless until the third quarter of this year. We first saw this story on Corvette Forum, but it has been spreading in the days since. If another dealer with some unallocated C8 builds can reach out and help, maybe Kahler can get lucky again.

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