Fusilier, Ineos’ Mini-Grenadier EV, Will Also Offer Range Extender

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Hot on the heels of the Ineos Grenadier SUV, which is reaching customers now, and the start of production for the Quartermaster pickup, Ineos Automotive has announced its third model, the Fusilier. While Grenadier and Quartermaster—at least in the U.S.—will be powered by BMW straight-sixes, the Fusilier will offer a very different source of motivation: battery electric power.

Actually, there are two flavors of electric power on tap: You can order your Fusilier with a purely electric powertrain, or you can opt for an electric powertrain that includes a small, gas-powered engine that powers an onboard generator to feed charge to the batteries when an outboard charger isn’t available. (Think of a similar layout to that of the 2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger pickup.) Power and displacement figures for the range-extender version, according to Ineos, will arrive this fall.

Ineos Fusilier EV SUV Jim Ratcliffe speaking
Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the chairman of Ineos, believes buyers will appreciate options when it comes to powertrains. Hollie Adams/Bloomberg/Getty Images

The decision to offer a range extender here feels significant. Though plenty of automakers are insisting that electric off-roaders are sufficient with batteries alone (Jeep’s Recon EV, for example, is clearly sculpted as an electric successor—or sidekick—to the rugged Wrangler), there are still concerns about the possibility of being stuck on a trail with a dead battery, nowhere near a vehicle charger.

Ineos, on the other hand, is taking a more measured approach.

“We’re excited to bring our electric 4×4 to market but we are beginning to understand the clear limitations of battery electric in certain situations,” explained Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Chairman of INEOS. “We believe the addition of a range extender electric to our line-up will offer our customers a very low emission drive without the range anxiety drivers of electric vehicles experience today.”

Ineos Fusilier EV SUV hood imprint detail
Hollie Adams/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Like the Grenadier and the Quartermaster, the Fusilier will be developed in conjunction with Magna Steyr, the Austrian supplier responsible for nameplates like the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and the Toyota Supra. To ensure the smaller SUV can cut it when the going gets rough, Ineos will work with Magna Steyr to put the Fusilier through a testing program on Austria’s Schöckl mountain near Magna Steyr’s vehicle assembly facility in Graz.

While the Fusilier shares some design language with the Grenadier, it’s going to be considerably shorter (about 47 inches, according to Automotive News Europe) and a little lower than the latter. Chassis-wise, the Fusilier will consist of an electric skateboard platform topped with a steel body that features aluminum doors and closures, presumably for the hood and rear hatch. A steel underbody will protect the batteries.

No word yet on battery sizes, targeted range figures, or power numbers. Expect to hear more about those later this year.

Ineos Automotive’s COO Hans-Peter Pessler told AN Europe that the company is targeting an annual production total of 40,000–50,000 units, with a 50:50 mix between the pure EV versions of the Fusilier and those with the range extender.

While Fusilier production was reportedly slated to start in 2026, the late addition of a range extender option will likely push that target into early- or mid-2027, according to Ratcliffe.


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