Ford adds factory-backed leveling kits for F-150 and Ranger

Owners of four-wheel-drive 2019 Ford Rangers and 2015-present F-150s can now enjoy an improved off-road ride and better performance with a factory-backed kit that levels their truck with coilovers straight from Ford.

The leveling kits include Ford-Performance-tuned FOX coilovers with an aluminum body and locking pre-load ring, along with a new upper mount that team up to provide two inches of suspension lift for improved approach angles, breakover angles, and ground clearance. 

The kits are available at Ford dealers for $1495, plus installation, and are covered by a Ford warranty.

These kits may be just what Ford truck owners are after, as even a little bit of lift up front can make a huge difference in the appearance of a truck, and Ford admits that in addition to the performance benefits off-road, the new kits help owners set their trucks apart from the crowd.

If your new Ford pickup could use a bit of a boost, and this new stance is what you’re after, it might be time to spring for an upgrade.

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