Escalade last ICE model standing as Cadillac, Buick go all-EV by 2030; GMC, Chevy to follow

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Automotive News has reported on new details about GM’s timetable for electrification. While we’ve known that GM had an ambitious goal to roll out 30 electric vehicles by 2025, the current EV timetable suggests that, with the exception of the Escalade, Cadillac will have an all-EV lineup by 2026. By that point, according to AN, Cadillac will have an electric Escalade to sell alongside the current, ICE-powered model, which is planned to last through 2029. By 2030, Cadillac’s portfolio should be all-EV—no body-on-frame exceptions.

When we drove the raucous Escalade-V back in June, Cadillac had announced that it would be the brand’s final internal-combustion-powered vehicle debut. (Supercharged V-8 with 682-hp—hell of a way to go.) Based on the anticipated timeline, we’re due to get more Cadillac EVs to follow the Lyriq, its first battery-powered crossover, in short order.

Buick is also reported to have an all-electric lineup by 2030. That likely means we’ll soon see its all-crossover lineup make the jump to GM’s Ultium EV platform and follow in the tracks of Chevrolet’s recently unveiled Blazer and soon-to-be-shown Equinox. There’s still no word on the possibility of Buick returning to personal luxury sedans as hinted by the Wildcat concept above. We just can’t believe we’ve made it this far without an Electra concept. Come on, Buick, it’s right there for the taking—Cadillac’s Celestiq won’t mind!

cadillac celestiq

Chevrolet and GMC will naturally be later to reach an all-electric lineup, partially to cater to customers who prefer internal combustion and partially due to the limitations of contemporary battery density. Even though GMC has relaunched the Hummer to spearhead GM’s move into electric pickups, the heavy-duty pickup crowd will still demand big, V-8 gas engines and brawny turbodiesels for heavy hauling. EV pickups are already beginning to offer tow ratings that are on par with some of their half-ton competitors, but the added mass and aero drag of big trailers really put a dent in EV range, so quick fill-ups with petroleum is still the name of the game for three-quarter- and one-ton trucks for the near future.

GMC HUMMER EV front three-quarter

As for GM’s current crop of internal-combustion-powered cars and trucks, Automotive News says that most of them will be receiving updates rather than complete redesigns before they’re replaced by electric models in one form or another. We recently saw the Chevrolet Colorado get a total redesign and its platform-mate GMC Canyon is due to be revealed shortly.

Including the aforementioned full-size pickups, those may be the biggest all-new model launches from GM before we see the wave of EVs that’s been promised. With seven of the 30 promised EVs rolled out so far, including GM’s autonomous Cruise Origin, there are only 41 months left for 23 more vehicle debuts before the end of 2025. This new timeline suggests we’ll likely get some Buick models shortly, and a Chevy sports sedan has been hinted at, but there are still lots of question marks. What we are certain about is that auto shows are going to be very interesting over the next few years.

2022 GMC Hummer EV chassis
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