A dozen forgotten Ferraris discovered in a field

It’s not terribly uncommon to find a car in some form of neglect or disrepair, tucked beside a barn or sitting fallow in a field. Tom Cotter has made his livelihood tracking them down and documenting them in our Barn Find Hunter video series. What is unusual is finding a derelict exotic car, let alone a dozen of them in a single field.

Silodrome broke the story of this incredible find of relatively late-model Ferraris, while keeping details of names and locations private. The cars include a couple 328s and 348s, a 308 quattrovalvole, a 400i, and a pair of Mondials. Honestly, when we learned that there were several Ferraris in a field, we assumed they’d all be Mondials, because they just don’t get any love. While most of the cars are mid-engine V-8s, there was also an engine shot of a 456 and several photos of a Testarossa, the epitome of side-straked ’80s Ferrari.

The cars were put in storage due to the owner’s illness, and as his condition worsened the valuable cars became the least of his concern—and some of the storage fees went unpaid. The cars were moved outside, where they languished. Silodrome reports that there were invoices for 13 Ferraris, yet only 11 are present. So far all but two have found new homes and should be on their way to restoration and a return to the road.

Check out the original article, which includes a lot of incredible pictures.

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