Dodge isn’t done with special Challengers or Chargers


This is the last, last call—no, really, we’re serious this time—for a special-edition Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger before the models go out of production at the end of 2023.

Actually, we don’t know if these are really the last 2023 special editions, of which Dodge has made no fewer than six. But we have to be getting close, right?

The headline runs as follows: “Limited-edition Mopar 2023 Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger models coming to U.S. and Canada.” Dodge will make 440 cars total, 200 of each model for the U.S., and just 20 apiece for Canada. You folks north of the border need to hustle—or wait for the next limited edition.

2023 Dodge Challenger and Charger R/T Scat Pack Widebody mopar special edition

This Mopar special edition is a $3995 package for SRT Scat Pack Widebody cars, each of which is powered by an unchanged, 485-horsepower V-8 Hemi. The changes to these Mopar editions are, like those on Chevrolet’s send-off sixth-gen Camaro, strictly cosmetic. Both Mopar ’23 models are available only in Pitch Black Clear Coat with matte-black graphics and blue tracer stripes along the hood, roof, and decklid.

Custom touches include a blue grille badge, blue brake calipers behind forged carbon-black wheels, and Mopar valve-stem caps. An exclusive all-new carbon-fiber decklid spoiler is being used for the first time and is available only on Mopar ’23 models. We like the decklid spoiler, but we’re really geeked about the valve stem caps. The locking lug nuts are a close second.

Your Mopar ’23 owner kit includes a custom-made, personalized metal certificate of authenticity with serialized vehicle-build number, and a special rendering of the vehicle by the Mopar design team. Production starts in September with deliveries expected to begin in October.


Mike Koval, take it away: “Our iconic two-door and four-door muscle cars from Dodge are perfect vehicles to continue our annual tradition of offering exclusive, performance-oriented, low-volume packages of quality-tested, factory-backed performance parts and accessories from the Mopar Custom Shop,” said Koval, head of Mopar North America. “With striking matte black and Mopar Blue accents, both Mopar ’23 models will turn heads and be sought after by performance enthusiasts and collectors alike.”

Yes, like the 2013 Mopar Dodge Dart, and we aren’t making that up. Get ’em now! Or wait for the next last, last, really last-call special edition.

2013 dodge dart mopar edition
2013 Dodge Dart Mopar Edition Dodge




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    Has there ever been a more nakedly cynical cash grab? “Oh, we’re converting to EVs so all you Mopar heads better cough up your hard-earned now and get one of these R A R E Challychargers.” Whoever thought this up in FCA world HQ deserves every penny they get.

    I say more special packages. Pink paisley, Petty STP livery, snakeskin top and opera windows!

    The idea of lots of fun packages is great. The… overpricing aspect kind of ruins it for me. But maybe down the road in the secondary market something will come my way that I like.

    Look they are in the last year of a cash cow so more power to them to milk it for all it is worth. Once they are gone they are gone.

    As for over priced what car today is not over priced? People today get excited for a gutted crappy FWD Maverick at $26K when a gutted Ranger was $9.999 a few years ago.

    If you believe anything Tim Kuniskis says you deserve what you get. This guy is a lying sack and never fails to go back on his word. Mopar is faced with billions in CAFE fines , that’s the EV push, but Stelanis has 1100 hp turbo sixes in Europe & the base turbo 6 has over 500 hp , so the fake hemi may be gone, but these cash grabbing special editions are a scam, like the black ghost was

    When you go up against giants like, Toyota, Ford, GM and others, you better make all the profits you can
    while you can. Mopar has always been the little guy in the marketplace, and for the most part still is.
    Yeah, I’m a Mopar guy, have always been. Ever since high school, I’ve endured for the most part, good
    natured ribbing about it. It’s no longer Chrysler Corporation, having been bought and sold numerous times.
    I’ve always been for the little guy, but, I guess those days are gone, never to come again.

    Every 2023 is a special edition lets get that part over and make it easy. I can’t wait for the Dodge Uber Bro Scat Pack Swinger Edition!

    Nobody is making anyone buy a “special edition”. Personally, I can’t own a black car. Complete deal breaker. Maybe if they did one in white… If they want to “grab” my cash, they need to do it with another color.

    Great cars for sure, but there have been so many of these “Special Editions” that it is impossible to keep them straight. And, if I buy one (which I am considering), I will drive the wheels off it and not save it for the next owner. I have no interest in keeping one of these in a sealed cocoon. One of my neighbors has a blue Challenger Scat Pack wide body that was made into a convertible. It is his daily driver, rain or shine, and that’s what these cars are made to do.

    This makes great business sense, they know the days are numbered on the vehicles, I find no shame in stating this is the last, last, last, last one. Literally it makes no difference to me. Would I want one, sure, will I get one? they all have been spoken for before they went on sale, dealers snatch them up and on top of the ridiculous sticker price, they include ADM. As someone who is in business, I wish I could do this with my products. No one is forcing people to buy them, but they are, even with ridiculous ADM

    No, really folks, this is the very last one of these. Until next week, when we introduce the very collectable Vin Diesel edition, with a tacky interior and flamethrowers. Someday, Mecum will have an entire auction of just these “special” cars. Rows and rows, all one of whatever. Sorry, but unless it has a Hellcat mill, it’s just another 23 year old chassis with ADM stickers.

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