Corvette ZR1 Spied Testing With Ferrari Hybrid


We’ve seen test mules of the C8 ZR1 at the Nürburgring sporting a massive wing worthy of the outgoing C7 ZR1 and its optional ZTK track package. Now, prototypes have been spied with three different rear aero packages, giving us additional perspective on what’s to come with the official ZR1 release happening about a month from now.

But what’s even more telling is which Ferrari these Corvette prototypes were seen with.

The Ferrari SF90 is a 986 horsepower monster with a twin-turbocharged V-8 and a hybrid-electric powertrain with three motors—two for the front wheels. Testing a C8 Corvette against this Ferrari suggests that the Corvette’s engineers are planning a similar mash up of a hot-engine’d Corvette paired with some variation of the Corvette E-Ray’s electric hardware. They could very well be performing final validation testing on the ZR1’s complex powertrain to ensure it performs competitively with the SF90 in a variety of situations.

The differences between this prototype and existing-production widebody C8 Corvettes are numerous, and visible even with the camouflage wraps. There’s an extra scoop behind the massive side ducts, different wheels, a hood extractor, and a rear fascia with a different arrangement of vents. The prototype with the larger rear wing might also have a more aggressive front splitter. If so, that could lead to the resurgence of the aforementioned ZTK package for the C8 Corvette.

Chevrolet ZR1 side spy shot

Little else can be determined from these photos, especially with regard to the ZR1’s powertrain—Chevy is being extra careful to hide it from sight. That said, taking the next-generation of the King of the Hill Corvette out in the wild with an SF90 is a big hint indeed.


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    Hmmm Not ZR1 but a Zora? Why would you compare a twin turbo electric drive Ferrari to a a ZR1 when the Zora will run the same type electric drive hybrid system.

    Is it just me ? or does the WW I battleship dazzle camouflage ( razzle dazzle ) the auto makers use on prototypes seems both silly and cool at the same time. It doesn’t disguise the car, it calls more attention to it, which in fact which may be the intention. ” Our spy cam caught ” …suckerrrs …sold a dummy… but would look good as a wrap maybe. Now ,if someone would tell GM to dump the stupid J C Whittney quad exhaust tips…

    The Camo does hide the details in this case the details are the difference.

    As for the tips they are not JC Whitney. They are something that GM has done the others don’t. It at least sets them apart in a class of cars that they often look too much alike now.

    Also the quads work with the exhaust by pass to hive you the noise but still be legal.

    If I may put words in Paul’s mouth, my guess is his issue isn’t with the number of exhaust tips, but the arrangement.

    There is something happening with that rear window/hatch. Perhaps improving the rear visibility, widening the actual opening?

    The only part of the car requiring cover is the rear end as that is what most stoplight challengers will see.

    I don’t know about others here, but I would like a LOT more light from the brake lights! If that stops as well as I think it does, someone my try to do some bodywork on the back end. The drivers today busy with the phone, and not looking at the road.

    I’ve felt the same about a lot of car designs recently. Massive taillights with only a small portion that actually lights up. Seems strange to me

    Enzo must be “Rolling in His Grave” knowing one of his beautiful high-end creations will be competing with a CHEVY !!!

    “Rolling Grave” a great term for a car that brings rather to much performance for the older driver who might afford one.

    I draw your attention to a book by Randy Cook titled “Bowtie Ferraris” (Chevy-engined Ferraris from the 1950’s ad 60’s). If not for the marvelous Chevy small block motors, which are second to none”, the outcome of the Ferrari marque might be quite different today.

    Hopefully their testing is going well. It should be a pretty good reveal when the details are released.

    I’m sorry but they have taken a classic Chevy that every kid dreamed about owning some day and made it unaffordable, unnecessary and unattainable. What a waste!

    I couldn’t disagree more. The high technology stuff that comes from these experimental Corvettes trickles down to the stuff we buy and drive as teenagers and 20 something’s. later we move up to late model, used cars and eventually new vehicles and top end new vehicles. example, I am a proud owner of a C5, which I paid $14,000 a few years ago (it still has under 40,000 miles). in a couple more years, the original C8 Will be widely available for good prices… by the way, how many 427/435 corvettes in your neighborhood when you were a kid?

    Many of us have dreamed for just this car. We saw the mid engine Vette prototypes and had their posters and today we have a killer car at a price half of what the others cost or more.

    Look at Ford and the Ford GT that you never see on the road that can cost up to $750K.

    Sorry but $30k will not buy you anything anymore.

    If you can’t afford a Stingray now you could not afford one then. The dollar value is all pretty similar. Even then buy a low mikes used on at a great price. Let someone else take the depreciation.

    Take that $30k and go buy a low mile C5 Z06.

    The 1976 Corvette was no longer available as a convertible. It had 2 engines, a base 350 with 180 horsepower and the L82 with 210 horsepower. Power steering was still an option. Chevy sold 46,558 Corvettes that were slower, heavier, all wrapped up in a body that was 8 years old, a sales record. A record until ‘77 when 49,213 were sold with little changes made to the car. How did this happen? Because customers lusted after that car even when it offered less than it had 8 years ago when the C3 was introduced. It changed some with the fastback in ‘78 and the sales of the ‘79 is still the all time record. Price played a huge part of it as well. The car was very moderately priced, and still was on every magazine cover of the day. The C8 is just plain out of reach of real Corvette enthusiasts. Soon it will have such exotic options and content even the well-to-do will pass it by to purchase a more exclusive imported sports car, and why not? The price of the Chevy is nearing that of more status symbol vehicles so one might just as well buy one of those. Maybe it’s GM’s way of finding and end to the Corvette story?

    The corvettes styling went from Italian inspired to Japanese to attract a younger generation….which can not afford it, or maybe they can if the basement is rent free. They might be getting ready to remove corvette from the Chevrolet lineup and make it a stand alone marquee? I’ll stick with my 72.

    The C8 comes in different price ranges. The Stingrays are now back to sticker price. In time they will go lower. Why are they not lower? Due to demand.

    GM sells everyone they can build.

    The C3 in the late 70’s was one of only two exciting cars built at the time. But that was not saying much as only the Trans Am and Corvette were exciting in 76-77. Heck the fastest thing you could buy was a Little Red Express truck.

    The Stingray price today is very similar to the price is 76 money on a Corvette then. Now your income may not have kept up but prices have kept similar

    The corvette is still cheaper than about anything but a Miata.

    Also keep in mind because the Corvette lost its edge those record sales in the early 90’s went so low they canceled the C5. If not due to a small group that hid the car it would have been gone then.

    As production got up to speed and past Covid they sold 54,000 units last year.

    “The corvette is still cheaper than about anything but a Miata.”

    I was with you until this. There are a ton of sports cars cheaper than a Corvette.

    Saw the four Corvette, one Ferrari team here in Michigan cruising the two lane roads last week. Always lots of camo cars here in southeast Michigan, that’s why our roads are so bad, to test drivetrains.

    Does seem a little late in the game for ZR-1 benchmarking if the reveal is just a month or two away, but if this is the Zora does anyone else feel like Chevy’s been popping-out Vette variants faster than Mark Ruess finds the wall at the track?

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