Classic cars targeted by thieves using wildlife cameras and trackers

Bearded Mug Media/Bryan McCarthy

Worrying reports from the U.K. suggest that car thieves are using sophisticated electronics to seek out and steal valuable classics.

According to The Telegraph, villains are using motion sensitive wildlife cameras and electronic trackers to capture their prey. The thefts are planned in advance by criminals attending classic car events to identify cars, which are often stolen to order.

The thieves sneakily attach electronic trackers to their target car so that they can find out where the owner lives. The next stage involves setting up cameras to monitor the property so they can make off with the car when the owner is out.

Former Scotland Yard car theft adviser Dr. Ken German told The Telegraph, “One owner found a tracking device wrapped in a condom to keep it dry attached to the underside of his classic car. And there have been other cases where thieves have been caught and the police have uncovered these camouflaged motion sensitive cameras.”

Dr. German believes that many classics are specifically targeted to be stripped for parts or shipped to collectors overseas.

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