C8 Corvette carries on Stingray name

In an attempt to preserve continuity in a tradition already broken by the C8’s mid-engine format, Chevrolet will brand the eighth-generation Corvette base model Stingray.

The Stingray name evokes the 1959 concept and hallowed C2 split-window coupe, which both bore the “Sting Ray” name. Yes, two words. The C8’s single-word “Stingray” nomenclature binds it closer, however, to the C3 and C7 generations. 

The continuation of the name encourages us to think of the C8 as an evolution of the previous generation, with harder creases, bigger numbers, and an edgier persona that brought 21st-century bling to an American icon. While the C8 breaks Corvette tradition by planting the power in the middle, the eighth-gen’s Stingray brand seeks to soften the hard edges of the change. Can the C8 carry the soul of a ’Vette in a mid-engine build? That’s the $64,000 question. 

Stingray Symbol

The logos released by Chevy, along with the announcement of the C8’s Stingray name, reflect the increasing speed of Corvette generations, leaning ever-further sideways in a frantic attempt to communicate speed. The C2 Sting Ray’s logo stood proud and tall in chrome loops, but six generations have taken their angular toll, stretching out the Corvette name into slanted, blocked characters, all underlined with a fluted stingray mascot with which you would not want to butt heads.

Will the new C8 Stingray, set to be unveiled on July 18, successfully evolve Corvette heritage, or will the newest generation clash head-on with the tradition set by its predecessors? We’ll know Thursday—and on many tire-burning Thursdays to follow.

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