Two original GT500 fastbacks, including a KR, emerge from long-time storage


Classic Cars of Sarasota has a rare barn-find Shelby fastback for sale that recently emerged from long-term storage. We spoke to Chris Zlamal, who works at Classic Cars of Sarasota, to talk about the 1968 Shelby GT500KR and its for sale posting.

Zlamal told us that the Shelby has been in the same family since 1987 and is one of two Shelby fastbacks from the same garage. The current owner inherited it from his brother when he passed away in 2002 and contacted the classic car sales company to put it on the market. The second Shelby, a GT500, is not yet listed.

Based on the video that Zlamel posted of the cars in their barn-find storage location, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they haven’t been driven in more than 15 years, and their dusty appearance, complete with cat prints on the windshield, attest to their long-time slumber. So does the odometer on the KR reading just 12,994 miles.

Zlamal told us that he had to knock the door down to get into the warehouse where they were being stored, and that he was amazed at what he’s calling, “a truly once in a lifetime find.” Even more amazing is how nicely the GT500KR cleaned up.

Perhaps it’s in need of some sympathetic restoration, as there’s a bit of rust visible at the rear wheel well, but cars are only original once, and the time capsule GT500RK might display nicely as is. However, our valuation expert Greg Ingold noted the quarter panel rust as a serious detraction in an otherwise surprisingly clean barn find, “I can’t imagine many people in the market for a “preservation” car would be okay with that issue on this car,” Ingold commented. The video of the recently-detailed GT500KR shows it has cleaned up well otherwise.

Classic Cars of Sarasota has lots of photos of the GT500KR on its site and has a current asking price of $134,000 for the automatic transmission—and A/C-equipped Sportsroof GT500KR. That’s between the #2-condition (Excellent) and the #3-condition (Good) values for the car, after taking its options into consideration. In #1 (Concours) condition the car is valued at $184,500, while it’s worth less than half that in #4 (Fair) condition. The question is if all of the original parts and their fantastic condition will outweigh the car’s flaws.

What’s more important is that now the car in the public eye, and will soon find its way into the hands of an appreciative new owner. That definitely beats being parked a dusty old warehouse. GT500s have been some of the most badass Mustangs ever built, and aren’t meant to sit around.

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