Bronco reservations tally 150,000 and climbing

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No one’s gotten their hands on so much as a Bronco’s manual shifter, but Ford’s VP of communications has announced that 150,000 people have slapped down the $100 required to reserve a Bronco.

Unsubstantiated rumors from the back corners of Twitter speculate that Bronco reservations have cleared 230K … but we’ll believe that when Ford confirms it.

What we do know is that Ford’s already doubled the number of Bronco First Editions (from 3500 to 7000) … and immediately reservations were full. Now it seems Ford’s ramping up production of other Bronco models to meet demand.

The news is surely music to Ford’s ears; not only is the Bronco a PR success out of the proverbial paddock, but it’s promising to bring some serious dollars into the Blue Oval’s coffers.

What’s the timeline for these ravid Bronco buyers? Those who choose to follow their refundable reservation with an order—and it won’t be all 150K—will convert their reservation to an actual order beginning in December 2020. They’ll send their configuration of choice to a dealer and, once their order is confirmed, sit back and wait until at least June 2021. Ford warns that the midsummer date is only “targeted,” and that Bronco deliveries may extend into the 2022 calendar year.

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