Ford doubles Bronco First Edition production, immediately sells out

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The long-awaited Ford Bronco is finally here, and early customers had a crack at the generously-outfitted First Edition Bronco. Ford had initially planned to limit production of this special edition to just 3500 examples, but now the Blue Oval has sent an email out to those who reserved a First Edition with an update: the allocation will be upped to 7000, and the additional First Editions are already spoken for. Well that didn’t take long.

2021 Bronco First Edition reservation email
Bronco6G Forum

The news broke on the Bronco6G forums shortly after the email went out to reservation holders. The consensus among those claiming to have reservations was, however, decidedly negative. The First Edition has an air of collectibility among a contingent of its buyers, and the first 3500 customers most likely assumed they were getting the privilege of a low-production variant. The special trim will combine the Badlands trim’s mechanicals with the Outer Banks leather-trimmed interior and the exterior of the Wildtrak. First Edition model pricing is set at $60,800 for a two-door and $64,995 for a four-door, before options and delivery fees.

Is the doubling of First Editions being sold a sure-fire hit to the future value of this debut variant? Definitely maybe. It’s too early to say, but overshooting production estimates on a desirable vehicle doesn’t by default hurt resale. Although it’s hardly in the same ballpark, given that the Bronco is a mainstream off-roader and not a high-end halo model, but Ford’s latest GT supercar also ended up exceeding initial production estimates. One thousand GTs were originally planned, but ultimately Ford opted to build an additional 350 units, and these cars are still selling at more than double the original $500,000 starting MSRP. Granted, if you’re buying a First Edition Bronco as a collectible rather than a sweet daily driver or off-roader, you’ll be waiting quite a long time.

For a unique vehicle with this much hype and excitement around it, with high sales expectations right out of the gate, 7000 examples is, at the end of the day, fairly limited. Still, it is twice as common as customers originally expected. The email did include a reminder that at the time of order the reservation holder can elect to purchase a different trim at no penalty, or cancel the reservation outright and be refunded the $100 deposit they had placed.


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